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Contact and Submission Forms.

Please note that any contact and submission forms on are not used to harvest email addresses to resell. We respect your privacy and we only respond to non-spam email addresses if we believe a person is expecting a response.



By using the website, you agree to the use of cookies, but you are able to enable or disable cookies via your web browser.

The website does use ‘cookies’ for advertisement, site functionality and website statistics.

We’ve provided links below on how to opt-out of Google Analytics and set Google advertisement preferences, which both use cookies. We have also provided links to additional resources and information relating to some of the cookies used when browsing and using the website.



Some advertisement on the website uses cookies. These advertisements may be provided through Google AdSense which might use DART cookies via Google’s DoubleClick advertisement system.

DART cookies can be placed on your computer when visiting a website that uses DoubleClick. This data helps Google provide advertisement specifically for you and utilises “Interest based targeting”. This tailored advertisement uses “non personally identifiable information”. Therefore DART does not track your personal information, such as name, contact details and bank accounts, including credit card numbers.

You are able to set Google advertisement preferences via this Google page. Click here to find out more about Google’s DoubleClick cookies.


Website Statistics uses Google Analytics and JetPack to provide website statistics which also use cookies to collect data, which we use internally. We use these website statistic services to make more informed decisions relating to the website, and have no malicious inentions.

You can use the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on if you wish. We are not aware of a JetPack website statistics opt-out, but you can find out more details about JetPack statistics here. Please note that JetPack is a plugin and service by Automattic, the organisation running WordPress.


Blog Comments

Cookies are created when people leave comments on the blog, which is in a standard feature of WordPress. You can read more about WordPress cookies here.


JetPack Cookies

The website uses the JetPack plugin and service, which enhances the functionality of the site. It does use cookies for comments, mobile themes, subscriptions, statistics and other reasons. This is a popular plugin and service and you can read about JetPack cookies here.


Last updated on the 2nd September 2015.