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Amber Schmitt a photographer and technology guru takes time to share with us suggestions for connecting with potential customers. Thanks Amber.

With the small business venture or website you are working on you want to promote your business or website as much as possible. Here are some ideas for reaching potential customers.

Blogs—You can get free blogs through and to name a couple. Blogs are a great way of interacting with your customers and potential customers. If you are stumped about what to write about, you could write about new products or ideas, get customer feedback, host giveaways or contests, and share just daily tidbits or new information. Some of my favorite blogs share new and innovative ways on how to use their products. I find that blogs make me feel more connected to the company and that keep the company fresh in my mind and I tend to not forget about them if they update regularly. One big tip is if you do have a blog, make sure that you have an RSS feed, as many people use other services to follow and manage blogs in one location.

Message Boards/Forums—If you are a member of any message boards and forums, you could potentially advertise your business there. Some forums do have rules against advertising or sharing of any links, but most I have found do not. You could put a link in your tag or signature line with a very brief one sentence description. If you blog, you could also put a link to your blog in there. If you wish to be more visible you could also create a small, not very obtrusive banner with your business name or logo on it. One word of caution is to not spam any website and never post solely for the reason to promote your business. That will not give you a positive image to your customers and in an extreme case you may be banned from a message board if you do spam or post solely to promote your business.

Twitter—Twitter is a wonderful website that you can type in very brief updates to share what you are doing. It is a great way to get your business name out there and network.

Social Networking Websites—Some social networking websites allow you to promote your business on their website. Two popular ones are MySpace and Facebook. Create a profile, customize your page and promote your business and network with other businesses.

Creative Business Cards—I think this is a must. Who wants a boring business card with simple contact information? Yes, they do the job, but wouldn’t you rather know that your cards are unique enough that people want to keep them and show them to their friends? One great website I have found is I am not affiliated with Moo in any way; I am only a very happy Moo customer. Moo allows you to create your own business cards with photography or your own logo on one side and on the other side you can put your contact information. Here is the direct link to the business cards: My favorite product is the Moo Mini Cards. They are small cards with an image on one side and up to six lines of text on the other side. Here is the direct link for the mini cards. They do have pre-made designs as well. I have personally ordered from Moo and love the quality and the fast shipping. I can’t wait to place another order of the Mini Cards from them.

Now that you have a few of my ideas on getting your name out there, who better to ask than you? What have you done to promote your business?

3 thoughts on “Promoting

  1. smallbusinesstech

    Great posting Amber cheers!

    All very useful, but what stood out for me personally was the business card section. I have to admit I badly need to change mine so will check out

    I think people under estimate forums also.There is a huge difference between having your own forum for your business and using other forums. I think many are scared of them though. As you mention as long as people don’t spam, forums can be a fun place to learn, engage and for people to find out about you and your business.

    All good points about blogs. People should take note!

  2. richardmckay

    I similarly like to Moo business cards and ought to post more often on other blogs and forums. Never seem to have enough time!

  3. Cooper Foster

    A very professional looking business card is really very important in promoting your business. It makes good impression among customers.;,;

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