Quick tip: Reduce your electric bills

By | August 23, 2008

It is very easy to ignore the automated bill payments for your electric. You just check the figures are correct, update the sheets, file the paperwork and then move on to the next task at hand.

However as you might of noticed electric bills are going up for many around the world. So how can making changes to how you use technology or have an internet connection help?

  • Reduce your power requirements if possible. Do people leave their monitors on standby all night?
  • Shop around online on comparision sites and see if there are better deals for electric suppliers.
  • Does your company still need a fax machine? Try seeing if you can stop using it and have it turned off ready for the odd occassion that you do need it.
  • Do people have printers that don’t really need them? Some peope print off all their emails, print out huge manuals. Investigate why and see if there are alternatives to support them to not do this.


  • Change the lightbulbs to more energy efficient ones.
  • Perhaps you can change billing periods and / or payment methods.
  • What about if your not on a meter that you top up with credit? Instead of paying the estimated bill or waiting for the person to come round every so often to do a reading, phone through a reading. Often you will find out your estimate was far too high. Okay you run the risk also of paying to much, but surely an actuate bill is best and helps manage cashflow?

Have a tip to reduce an electric bill or another bill? Let us know.