Reasons To Shift To Another DIY Web Hosting

By | November 30, 2011

Are you thinking of doing your own website? It is possible even if you don’t have any programming or web design skills. With DIY web hosting, you can do your website’s design in just a few click and you can actually see what you are doing with its. What You See Is What You Get website editor.

If you have been using web hosting for months now then you are lucky you have gained the confidence in using that DIY web host. But is it really the best web hosting you are looking for? Here are the reasons you should shift to another DIY web hosting provider:

  • When you get to design the website for hours only to find out later you have created the worst web design ever because what you did doesn’t go exactly as you like then its time you try another DIY webhost.
  • Accessibility makes sure that anyone can visit and read your website even though your visitors are visually impaired. If your DIY web hosting does not offer accessibility options, shift to another DIY web hosting.
  • Understanding SEO is not just a point and click thing where you select the one that works for your website and think that it will work. SEO is a tedious process not found in your website alone. It has to do repetitive tasks in order for the website to be search engine optimized.
  • When you don’t know HTML you can’t get the code clean enough to meet the web standards. It may also be the reason that your WYSIWYS editor do not get what you actually meant. This is also one of the ways to get your website to be SEO friendly. If your DIY web hosting does not provide a clean code, find another DIY web hosting provider.
  • Hosting reliability. If you happen to build your own website, you need to make it published and what better way to keep it published than to have a reliable web host. Their web hosting solution must come at a cheaper price, like what web hosting provider has and it should offer 99.9% reliability and uptime. More importantly, the hosting provider must offer a very reliable customer support so they can help you whenever a problem comes. If your DIY web hosting provider is not good at hosting, ditch that DIY web hosting provider.
  • DIY web hosting is a good thing to save money in hiring web design professionals or buying designs in the web. But expect that you will not always get what you want. Like for example the design of your website may have already been used by other websites in which will not create a better brand for your site.
  • Doing your website from scratch is still the most effective and rewarding task which is not possible in DIY website builders. Because when something happens, you can precisely determine the root of the problem and have a better solution for it.


Guest Post Author Bio:- This article was written by Tom George, who is working as a .NET consultant. Tom help people to choose the web hosting service for their business.