Recent Advances in Business Security Technology

By | March 2, 2012

Looking to secure your business from potential robberies, vandalism, and other hazards? New advances in security technology makes keeping your business safe easier, more thorough, and more convenient than ever — as well as offering financially cost effective choices.

New technology has certainly changed the way we look at phones, cameras, vehicles, and entertainment systems, as well as computers and other communication devices. Security systems have also shown a great deal of growth and advancement technologically speaking.

With the ability to link business security to a mobile device, reliance on phone land lines and often expensive wired installation for security systems is a thing of the past. Today, virtually all business security needs can be synchronized to smart phones and computers.

These new high tech abilities allow a business to both operate and monitor a complete security system from any location world-wide. All smart phone or web-enabled cell phones can now operate and control a security system, as can any Internet capable device. That means your entire business security system can be overseen from an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or computer. The phone or computer operates easily as a remote control device, allowing businesses to issue commands to arm and disarm a system any place with Internet reception or a mobile signal.

Business owners can also switch between a land-line based activation and monitoring system to a mobile one when traveling, or should a disruption to land-line service occur. This type of parallel mobile security is easy to use and remarkably inclusive.

Using a mobile device, business owners can view live footage as well as recordings up to sixty days in the past, monitoring all activity at their business location and checking lighting and moving sensors. Businesses can also monitor and operate a variety of alarm and security systems in one integrated feed, including environmental hazards such as toxic leaks, broken pipes, or non-operative lighting systems as well as burglary and fire alarms.

And, new security technology also allows security systems to interface with closed circuit cameras, and central control units. Security cameras themselves have become easier to conceal, and can provide better picture quality, even in low light situations due to technological advances. Costs have also gone down for camera systems.

In addition, business security systems that rely on wireless over wired security and alarm systems work by using radio frequencies to connect alarm components to a central monitoring system. Going wireless lowers installation time and cost, and can often provide a significantly more accurate security service. Wireless security systems can be set to divide your business into a variety of secure zones, which makes monitoring much easier, particularly in businesses with multiple floors or a great deal of space.

These zones create simpler monitoring, allowing monitoring companies to find and pinpoint the location of any problems. This ability for accuracy also reduces the number of false alarms.

Also, new wireless systems utilize sensors that can recognize vibrations and motion, another improvement in business security technology. And, without wires to disable, potential business invaders will have their every movement monitored, another technological plus.

Technological advances in business security allows for enhanced coverage at lower costs for businesses, world-wide.

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