Recovering Photos after ‘Card not initialized’ Error of Memory Card

By | January 23, 2012

Since their inception, Mac machines are praised for their alluring photo – video editing and viewing features. And with the availability of variety of smart featured digital cameras with high capacity memory cards, it has become quite easy to transfer photos from camera to Mac then add effects, edit, and send them to friends and family without much effort and time. But, have you ever encountered a situation in which you get memory card corruption error while transferring photos from memory card to Mac and thus end up losing all of them? Well, the best possible way to overcome the loss at this situation is Mac photo recovery software. Such tools can easily be downloaded from the internet to recover photos and peace of mind.

Let us understand the above mentioned situation with a practical example. When you try to transfer the photos of elating family trip from the memory card of your digital camera to your Mac, encountered the following error message:

“Card not initialized”

This situation can perturb you as you are unable to transfer, view, and share your irreplaceable memories. Moreover, this issue renders your digital camera useless as you are unable to store or even click new photo on it. Thus, to rectify this issue, it is very much needed to know the cause behind it.

What causes this error?

  • The memory card of your digital camera has got corrupt or
  • All the data saved on the memory card requires cleaning.

Possible ways to workaround the situation:

To rectify this issue you can try to read the card with the help of memory card reader. However, if reading from card reader too cannot solve the problem then the only way to workaround the situation is formatting of memory card. Yes, you read it correctly. Since, it is the problem which is related to memory card corruption in which the error is indicating card is not initialized thus to fix this issue you need to format the card. Formatting will make the card working for one more time and to recover the formatted photos you can use third-party photo recovery software for Mac. These tools can recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos from memory cards, hard disks of computers, and various other storage units irrespective to the reason of loss.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Photo Recovery software is one of the best photo recovery tools which can be used to recover lost, deleted, or formatted photos, videos, and other multimedia files from Mac based desktops, laptops, digital cameras, memory cards, iPods, pen drives, etc. The software has complete do-it yourself user interface and is compatible with latest Mac OS X Lion.

A Mac data recovery software recovers not only textual files, programs but also recovers deleted photographs, video files and other media files from a digital cameras, memory cards etc. All you need to do is attach the card with the system and the Mac file recovery software would automatically locate the device to perform photo recovery.

Note from the Editor: This was a guest post.