Review: The LinkedIn App for the iPhone

By | October 1, 2008

Everyone knows that LinkedIn is one of the best way for small business owners to create a network of employees, clients, etc for their business.

LinkedIn on the iPhone provides users with a great way to keep in touch with co-workers and clients and manage their business networks.

After logging in to LinkedIn with your LinkedIn account, you are greeted with the latest updates from your network. From this screen you can view your co-workers profiles and view their connections profiles.

On the Connections screen, you can view your entire network and invite other people to join your network. Along with those options, you can also choose to view your own profile.

From your profile you can view all of your profile information, such as Summary, Employment History and Experience, Education Information, and your Industry.

You can also Search for contacts and people on the LinkedIn website, and update your LinkedIn status directly from the app.

Also, you can quickly and easily update your LinkedIn status right from the app, a great way to let the people in your network know what your working on so that you can better connect with them.

My Thoughts: The LinkedIn application runs well and looks very nice. The interface is clean, clutterless and simple to navigate and use. My only real beef with this app would have to be the lack of any offline mode. For example, the app could download your network’s information as your browsed through it, caching the information. This would allow users to use the LinkedIn app as an extension of Address Book, for example.

Overall, I give this app an 8 out of 10. Its the geniune LinkedIn experience, simplified a bit of course, but its very similar and just as powerful. The only thing its lacking is the ability to edit your profile, and any way of navigating your network offline. Definitely worth grabbing this app, and  to make things even better, its free!

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  1. smallbusinesstech

    Great screenshots Dion and enjoyed the review. Looks like one of those ‘must have’ apps for anyone with an iphone and a linkedin account.

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