Sage ACT! 2012; Imperative for Small Business Management Today

By | February 20, 2012

This year a brand new version of ACT! Software hit the techno world with many new features and enhanced qualities to satiate your techno love as well as your professional needs. The most remarkable addition in sage ACT is Google integration. As it does not work with Google business account so you need to get a Gmail account. This is because all the new comers in business already own a Google account for certain functions and this give them opportunity to continue using the tools they are familiar with.

It is quite easy to set similar to the outlook integration which can be set in three parts, contacts, email and calendar. The main issues associated to this are internet connectivity and the contacts synchronization into ACT. As far as the benefits are concerned you can import contacts from all of your friends into your business database. Another advanced feature is the addition of the universal search which works in similar way as the Google does. You can search anything but the difference lies in its capability to look into the attached files as well as into the usual fields and history unlike Google. The lonely limitation here is that you can only select one item at a time and it provides what is best result for your search. It is actually designed to find single item that is missing in your database.

Another amusing application is named as scratchpad which works independently alongside ACT! It’s almost similar to the sideACT! Found in version 6 of the sage ACT! This lets you compile your to-do list which can later be synchronized with sageACT!

The other changes include a tidy way of presentation for its customers by adding a new button that opens with the welcome page and describes the connected services such as e-mail, marketing, business etc and has links to them

A final addition for the Twitter users is the connect portal that lets you import contacts from Google, yahoo or Facebook etc but I actually fail to understand why would anyone like to corrupt their business database by doing so. As per me it does not have do anything in business to business relationship unless it is something like local flower arranging society.

About the Guest Post Author:  Guest Post by Nayab who is a freelance writer, interested in small business management techniques. Due to lots of useful features included in Sage Act 2012, small businesses in UK dealing in car leasing, contract hire including Mercedes contract hire prefer to incorporate it for effective management of customer data and relations today.