Saving Bucks on your printer cartridges in small / home based business

By | January 20, 2012

If you are into business, you need to print documents every now and then. If you are have a small business or work from home then the cost of printing is always a matter of concern. You can try to minimize your prints but there are always some documents that you ‘must’ print. These can be legal documents or related to your business, letters or emails or just proof of other important documents that you need to keep with you in hard copy.

The cost of printing is increasing day by day, so you always need to make sure that you get some extra out of your printer. In times like these, when economy is reeling under recession, you need to cut cost and printing is not an exception. Consumers, especially, small businesses and home users are always looking for better bargains and other cost saving tactics.

When your printer suddenly declares that it is low on ink, or worse, it is out of ink, you almost instantly need to replace your toner to make it work again. In such a situation you need to buy new cartridges for which you have to spend a lot (that can upset your budget for the whole month!). So what can you do about printing costs? Here are a few tips to save quite a few bucks:

  • Use printer cartridges which are compatible with your printer (rather than the original ones). Compatible cartridges are manufactured by third party suppliers which are compatible with your branded printer. They work with your printer seamlessly and don’t cost you a fortune.
  • There is another alternative to original branded cartridges, these are remanufactured cartridges. Remanufactured cartridges are the used cartridges which were originally manufactured by the same manufacturer as that of the printer and instead of being dumped in to landfills they were recycled and reintroduced into the market to save costs and environment. These cartridges go through various stages of quality checks before they are sold in the market. They can save upto 80% of your printing costs! After buying one of these you can pat you back for saving the environment besides saving big bucks!
  • When your printers suddenly declares that it is out of ink, don’t just rush to buy a replacement immediately. Before you go ahead and change your ink cartridges, first check if you can get something extra out of your already empty cartridges. Sometimes, your printer tells you that it’s out of ink even when it can easily print a few more pages; so try removing the cartridge first and shake it well and then replace it. See if it works!
  • ‘Printer settings’ is another switch which you can use to turn things in your favor. If you are using best/high quality settings on your printer to print ordinary daily use and throw documents then you are wasting a lot of ink; rather you should try using the draft/economy settings, you can also choose to print colour documents in Black and white.
  • One obvious but ignored cost saving measure is: You should print only when you have to. Often times we print many things which we don’t need to and end up loosing money on printer ink as well as paper.
  • While printing images, you can reduce the resolution if you are not bothered about the quality.
  • If you are into heavy printing use a mono laser printer for everyday and leave the colour for presentations.

So anybody who owns a small business or is working from home, even a casual home printer user can save a few bucks on his ink cartridges using these simple but effective tips. You can also search google to find local suppliers for your printer cartridges.

Guest Post Author Bio: Author is a tech consultant and working with big printers for last 11 years.