Scooped! Limited is indeed Making the News

By | August 27, 2008

First of all a huge thank you to Scooped! Limited for taking time out to write this case study for us. Simply put… What an amazing product, by a highly skilled team. I highly recommend ‘after’ reading the article you visit, bookmark and share with friends and colleagues Scooped! Limited’s web site: Thanks again.

Scooped! Limited – produce personalised newspaper and magazines as gifts for all occasions including birthdays, weddings and Christmas.

Our director James McIvor worked in the newspaper industry for more than a decade, most recently as chief sub editor of The Sun.

James has now taken his experience and expertise to the gift sector to give YOU the chance to appear on the front page of a spoof tabloid newspaper or fake celebrity magazine.

Scooped! has been operating for little over a year but already we have secured deals to produce spoof front pages for The Sun and the News of the World – the best-selling daily and Sunday newspapers in Great Britain.

James is always trying to embrace new technology to help increase brand awareness, improve productivity, promote our new products and to constantly emphasise to our customers that, unlike our competitors, all our personalised newspaper and magazine gifts are written and designed by real journalists.

We have bookmarked smallbusinesstech to help us do just that and to keep up to date with all the new services and great websites out there.

Here is the software and website that we currently use …

QuarkXpress – All our spoof newspapers and fake magazines are designed on QuarkXpress. We have looked into changing to InDesign but, like most national newspapers in the UK, have opted to stick with Quark – for the time being at least.

Photoshop – we use photoshop daily to improve the quality of our front pages and to superimpose customers’ heads on to the bodies of actors, models, footballers etc. Our glamour Page 3-style ScoopStud and ScoopStunner pages are particularly popular and cannot be done without using Photoshop. – We use blogger for Scooped! blog – – which keeps our customers up to date with all our new products and what Scooped! is doing. Also use blogger for The Editor blog – – which features funny newspaper stories, funny newspaper headlines, newspaper/magazine mistakes, great newspaper giveaways and football transfer rumours from that day’s sports pages. – We use twitter several times a day to let our ‘followers’ know exactly what we are up to. We also follow a number of great twitterers, including businesstech . Twitter allows us to point out interesting sites linked to journalism, spoof newspapers while also linking back to our website. – We regularly post here. It is great for getting SEO advice, general business advice and allows you to post press releases.

Press Releases – We use,,, and to issue press releases. – We use flickr to upload images of all our products – great for promoting new front pages. – Only recently joined this site. Good for networking, promoting your own business and finding quality businesses that have been recommended by others. – Great for posting links from your blogs, website and article of interests. You can also upload photos and videos. Helps enormously with SEO.

Scooped! Yahoo Group – Scooped! has its own yahoo group – – and we keep subscribers up to date with everything we are doing as well as adding humour with funny tabloid newspaper stories, unfortunate headlines etc.

BT Tradespace: – We originally intended to use BT Tradespace almost like an online shop but we have found it to be of more value for SEO purposes as it features prominently in google searches.

Social network sites: – We have accounts on facebook, bebo, myspace, mysun, hi5 and ma.gnolia. We try to post regularly on them all but it is very time consuming. They all have their merits when it comes to increasing brand awareness though most of the people that we are connected with are existing friends. picks up most of the threads.

Blackberry – possibly the best thing I have ever purchased, primarily because it gives me access to my emails wherever I am. I have never used iPhone but I can’t recommend Blackberry highly enough.

Here is what we will look at using in the near future …. – to ping posts to all my social media accounts. I hope this saves as much time as I think it will as I’d link to send some posts to up to 20 sites and to be able to do this in a oner would be a great help.

RSS Feeds – I know I’m a bit behind the times on this one but Richard McKay at McKay Flooring has offered to give me a tuition on how to get the most out of RSS feeds. (backpack) – I have been told they are great at helping you organise your business. Sounds just what we need as we’re something of an organised mess.

Evernote – as you can see from above having everything online rather than scribbled on various bits of paper would help us enormously.

mozy – we currently have around 150 template newspaper and magazine and front pages and plan to use mozy to back up online

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    Great post – highly recommend Mozy to ease any backup concerns. The initial back up may take a few days (without loss of processing power) but thereafter it backs up every day in the background automatically.

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