Security issues in eCommerce

By | April 3, 2012

ECommerce which refers to buying and selling of products and services through the internet and computer networks has facilitated expansion of business. Internet based technologies offer new ways to do business. New channels of business will also invite new concerns in terms of security. ECommerce platform should be foolproof to perform financial transactions. Let us check the vulnerabilities and possible preventive systems to enhance business through eCommerce.

Security issues

In a typical eCommerce implementation system there are a number of points where failure may occur. From the time the user fills the form on the website to the time the user’s order gets confirmed, a number of processes are involved. Businesses should ensure that data transmission and authentication will happen in a very smooth way.

The information provided by users on websites should not land into the hands of hackers. The device used for accessing the website should be well protected. It should be free from all kinds of viruses, malwares and infectious code. No keyloggers should be installed in the device which will steal your sensitive information without your knowledge.

From desktop computers and laptops to tablets and Smartphones, a variety of devices are used to access websites and thus to purchase items through online shopping. Data should be encrypted while it is being carried through wireless networks. It is possible that hackers can steal your financial information by being able to access your computer’s hard disks and networks. Software developers will always try to develop robust applications and will ensure that all kinds of possible loopholes will be addressed in an effective manner. Website administrators will ensure that no fraudulent events will happen by including additional protection measures to check the identity of customers who place orders on the website.

As the information leaves the user’s browser it reaches the merchant’s site. Users’ information will be stored in the merchant’s web server. If the web server is not protected properly, hackers will be able to access the database which consists of users’ sensitive information like credit card numbers. As the web server requires administrative privileges the overall business network is exposed to attacks from the external world. Customer data as well as organization’s data will be in jeopardy.

The information presented on the website will be routed through various channels. For example, the data should be processed through the payment gateway. There is every possibility that leakage may happen when these transactions happen though the combined effort of various third party agents and applications at various stages of processing.

Protection measures

  • Businesses should come out with effective security plans. Customers’ data should be protected at any cost.
  • Businesses should also ensure that their systems should not be used to launch attacks on other computers and to use resources present on another computer without having the permission to do so.
  • The comprehensive security policy will contain all the guidelines that are to be followed by each and every employee.
  • All the essential information stored on the web server should be protected by efficient firewall.
  • Instead of running applications and services on 24/7 basis, they should be switched on and off at required instances so that the database will not fall prey into the wrong hands.
  • Encryption technologies should be utilized and implemented at various stages of the process of data.
  • The latest version of browsers should be used. As and when a new patch is released it should be appended immediately. This will ensure that the browser will be able to block all kinds of malicious code.
  • Efficient antivirus software should be installed on all computers. Businesses can purchase a bulk license for a bunch of systems which help them not only save money but also protect all systems effectively.
  • Businesses should also implement fraud prevention measures. If any suspicious or unusual activity is happening on a particular username, the respective user should be alerted.
  • Consumers are to be educated to take preventive measures. They should protect their computers by installing required antivirus software.


Products and services are sold through the internet media and it is growing every day. Thus ecommerce will continue to exist and will offer new opportunities with the emerging technologies. At the same, businesses should be prepared to face new challenges to protect systems and networks. Comprehensive security policy should be adopted by every business to minimize harmful attacks on business systems.

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