Six reasons why you should outsource your IT

By | February 11, 2011

1)      Keep in front of the competition

You may like the idea of an in-house IT support team, but outsourcing to a specialist IT team means you have access to the latest developments within your industry, and your business is kept up to speed with recent advances in technology.

2)      Focus on your business

IT outsourcing allows you to focus upon other issues that affect your business, whilst the experts get on with taking care of your computer system and actively using technology to further your business’ potential.
3)      Speed up your employees

Outsourcing provides more than computers. Many IT companies will provide a CIO (Chief Information Officer) dedicated to your company who will attend meetings, assess your system and decide how your business can progress, hand in hand with technology. Some IT outsourcing companies also provide training – short cuts and tips to boost your productivity.

4)      Minimum downtime: maximum profit

Most IT departments work on a break/fix basis. Outsourcing to a company that offers support 24/7 means someone is monitoring your equipment around the clock to identify anything which could pose a threat to your system and solve it before the user even notices there is a problem.

5)      Reduce your costs

SMEs benefit hugely from being able to plan their finances. When you outsource, you know what it will cost to keep your IT running as you should be making one set regular payment, without any extras. That means that you don’t need to invest in new equipment or depreciating assets – your provider should be able to supply all your equipment for you.

6)      Security

It’s important to safeguard your company’s information as the loss of vital data could have a dramatic impact upon your business. IT outsourcing puts that issue in somebody else’s hands. Most IT outsource companies offer the option of ‘cloud technology’, remote servers and secure storage devices – and you don’t even need to set it up, as a good provider will do it all for you!

About the author: Ed Bodiam is CEO of IT outsourcing company, Future Reliance. As a business expert and technology specialist, Ed believes that IT is a powerful tool which can assist in the growth of forward-thinking SMEs.

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