Small Business Owners Taking Advantage of New Technologies to Block Other Companies’ Marketing AND Maximize Their Own Time

By | January 10, 2012

Online ad spending in the United States grew 23 percent from the first half of 2010 to the first half of 2011, totaling $14.9 billion for the first half of this year. This puts it well on track to exceed last year’s $20 billion in spending and reach eMarketer’s projected $31.3 billion total 2011 online ad spend. There’s no disputing it: consumers are being marketed to more than ever, especially online.

With the rise of ads, however, also comes the growing desire to keep them at bay. First there were DVRs, which have taken the United States by storm with, according to Nielson, a 31 percent jump in DVR usage over the last two years.

Now rising in popularity: online ad blockers. More than 150 million people have downloaded them, and that number is continuing to grow along with the consumer trend to limit marketing exposure in general and online, a movement that is already extremely popular in other countries. The OverApps plug-in is one of these ad blocking programs that doesn’t just hide the ad, but also makes that space work for the user by incorporating their favorite applications from notepads and Facebook to Twitter feeds and weather reports.

Small business owners, who have to wear many hats from marketing to administration, are taking advantage of the new technology to save them time and simplify their work. With OverApps, previously reserved online marketing space is now serving as a personal dashboard complete with fully functioning programs. So, instead of seeing other companies’ ads, you can monitor your own company’s Twitter feed, see a running RSS feed of your industry or jot down your to-do list – all incorporated in your browser, where ads used to be, and easily visible while you search the web or otherwise get work done online. Setting options for the free plug-in let you customize the view so you can see one app across all websites or different apps on different pages – whatever works for your company’s needs.

You can see a full list of available apps at And, OverApps is always looking for feedback and to add new apps; we encourage small business owners to let us know what additional features would work for their needs.

Guest Post By Michael Herndon, CEO of OverApps, a completely free downloadable browser add-on that empowers people to block online ads and personalize their web experience. Michael has led the launch of OverApps, which not only enables the user to limit their exposure to advertising, but also make that space work for them by covering over ads with apps of the user’s choice, such as social media, games, news, weather, entertainment or utilities. For more information, visit

Note from the Editor: This was not a paid post, but a guest post.