Small Business Reigns Supreme

By | June 6, 2011

With all of the large “big box” businesses out there, it’s hard to compete as a small business. But, let’s take a look at why small businesses can still be the best and will always provide a vital role in our economy.

Small Business: Still the best Business

It’s hard to compete with large business; they have the power of numbers, size and money. However, just because you’re big doesn’t always make you better. Let’s take a quick look at where small businesses typically excel compared to their larger counter parts and why they will always be vital.

Better Service

You should expect to receive better customer service from a small business. You should be dealing with an employee that was hand selected by an owner and fits in well with the companies’ standards. The people you deal with in a small business are typically more personable and proud of where they work and it shows in the product or service they provide. There is something to be said about the meal you get from a chain restaurant vs. your local family restaurant with Mama cooking in the back. I run two websites, one that sells lacrosse gear and another that sells hacky sacks and my personal numbers are on the site. If you ask for a recommendation, you will get it from me. If you call the number on the “contact us” page, you will be calling my phone. Sometimes, smaller is better.

Better Product

What do you get when you go to Wal-Mart? You get cheap items that never last and are normally a let down in the long run. While you may save money at the register, you lose over time when you purchase 3 in the period of time that you should only need 1. Smaller business typically carry items that they are much more proud of. John the business owner loves hobby toys so the items he carries in his story are quality train sets, remote control cars, etc versus the junk you might by instead at a big chain store.

Better Purpose

Let’s revisit John the local hobby shop business owner. If you were to go and purchase a toy at a large store, you’re still supporting a business that does provide jobs and is positive for the economy, but you’re also supporting a CEO and other executives who may be pulling in 5 million per year and live nowhere near you. On the flip side, John has a family, lives in your neighborhood, eats at local restaurants and works hard to make 60,000 a year. Your money is supporting him and his family and you can feel much better about your purchase!

Small Business Is the Basis For New Ideas

Most new ideas start as something fresh, an idea people have that they think will succeed. They put in so much effort and time because it’s what they’re passionate about and not because it provides tons of financial reward. For this reason, small business owners and entrepreneurs are the catalyst for our economy, providing many of the new business ideas that change the world we live in.

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