Smaller Technology Means Larger Security Issues

By | March 1, 2012

Computer technology and the gadgets we use to access the internet and store/display data may be getting smaller, more useful in everyday society and cheaper, in relative terms, but with these developments comes another consideration for small businesses; security, and I’m thinking particularly of iPad and laptop security.

You might not think this is too much of an issue, but when you consider the cost of replacing an iPad and the software and data it stores, and the relative ease with which one can be stolen if left lying around, I’m sure you can appreciate how important it is to look after such pieces of equipment during use, and when left overnight in a place of work or education.

I read with interest recently about high-end restaurants using iPads to display their menus. Customers are given an iPad which contains an interactive version of the restaurant’s menu; from this the customers select their meals and drinks and place their order.

The iPads provide a real air of sophistication and many restaurant owners are looking at iPads to see if they sit well with their clients and brand. It’s highly unlikely you’ll see iPad menus in high street chains anytime soon, but don’t be too surprised if they are widely adopted within the next few years in upmarket restaurants, especially in the trendiest eateries in affluent locations such as London’s Square Mile and technology hubs like Silicon Valley.

A restaurant with forty covers may have at the very least forty printed menus in use at any one time. Replacing those menus with iPads is expensive (even if only half were replaced), and the openness of a restaurant means that extra special care of the iPads should be taken as they could be easily stolen.

An almost ideal solution, at least for overnight storage, is an iPad security trolley. These come in various sizes and on average hold about 30 – 40 iPads, although it is possible to get trolleys that hold more. During opening hours however, it won’t be efficient to lock away menus in a security trolley, so some degree of responsibility shifts to members’ of staff.

For many high-end restaurants theft won’t be much of a problem, at least during service, as their clients are typically not the type who steals computer tablets, but if a business, whatever type, is adopting technology then laptop security trolleys and similar equipment should be looked at when increasing inventory.

About the Guest Post Author: Stephen Thomas is a freelance writer interested in technology and how it is used in business and everyday life.