Smooth CRM Software Implementation Plan

By | March 7, 2011

Customer Relationship Management is the one variable entity that you as a business owner can influence to a great extent. Actually CRM includes almost all the aspects of your business as it is related with the interaction of your customer with your staff. It could be anything from a casual enquiry about your products and services to an actual sale. That is why it is important to have a standard CRM plan in place so that there is no ambiguity about what needs to be done in specific situations for your staff. As a direct result of this single move, you can rest assured that your word of mouth publicity will be phenomenal.

So we agree that CRM is important to your business, but how do you go about implementing it?

You will need to bring in your heads of different departments and get them to support your CRM initiative. It is only when there is support for the system from the top that it will percolate down to each individual working for the company. So it is vital that the head honchos of each department understand why CRM is important and good for your business. It is also important for them to see what they get back by practicing good CRM techniques. So make sure that you highlight all the advantages that each individual department can look forward to if all of them follow the set systems and protocols. That way they will be eager to try out the advantages that they can get by using the software.

Training is a major issue when it comes to CRM Software, so train your staff well

People may agree in principle that CRM is good for the company but may not be able to put in into practice due to lack of training. While online CRM software can make life easy and help with CRM implementation in the organization, using the software can prove a challenge to some members of your staff. So make sure that there is adequate amount of training provided on the software system before you implement it. This holds especially true with your sales department staff as they are the people who will be using the data the most. So it will be well worth the effort to train the sales staff in the proper utilization of the software.

Solve any issues with the actual system that may not be compatible with your business

Not all features of a CRM software will be required for all organizations. So decide what data you need to collect and have forms designed accordingly. That way you will save time spent by your employees utilizing the software. The number of clicks will be reduced and the overall aspect of the software will seem more user friendly. Also test the system well before you implement it to catch any incompatibilities with other systems. If you are already using some software companywide, try and integrate the CRM software into the main framework of that software.

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    Have you heard of GreenRope? They let small businesses manage CRM,email marketing campaigns, and fund management all on one dashboard. Very easy to use, I recommend it!

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