Social Networking Service – LinkedIn

By | August 26, 2008

LinkedIn is an online social networking service along the lines of Facebook, but geared towards business. This isn’t a service to think is immature and not used by ‘serious’ business folks. You will find freelancers, small business employees, large corporation senior execs etc all actively using the service. It is very easy to get going and quickly find contacts who are on the service. There is a paid version of the service, but honestly for the majority of people the free version is more than enough.

The LinkedIn community is impressive. This is demonstrated by the level of detailed answers people receive when asking questions in the Q&A sections, an excellent resource on the site.

Five reasons to join LinkedIn today:

  • Find old colleagues who have moved companies.
  • Ask questions or answer questions through their excellent Q&A section.
  • Receive recommendations or write recommendations for others.
  • Make connections with others. E.g. business opportunities.
  • Help stay in contact with people over time.

Please tell us all about your experience with linkedin and similar services you know of in the comments section.