Submit your website to Chinese search engines

By | January 19, 2010

Is your website listed in Chinese search engines? There are millions of Chinese english language speakers and perhaps your business trades or would like to trade with China? Well after a previous post on this blog relating to Google and China, I decided to do some research into search engine submission. Here is how you can get started.

Baidu’s submission url is:

Simple type in your website address and fill in the English language captcha and select the submit button to the right of the captcha window. Even though the text on the next page is red, hopefully your site was successfully submitted. Instead of translating the text (which you could easily using google translate), look at the new url for the word success.

Tianwang’s submission url is: but it wasn’t working when I tried. Presenting an mysql error instead.

Sunwukong’s submission url is: . If you read and then agree to the terms, you are presented with a box to type in your url as well as categories and all in English. Unfortunately the search engine submission said ‘human right , Prohibited Site Content, Site may not include this content. Please modify your site and try again later or click [Guestbook] and contact us.‘ when I tried to submit this blog. However when I submitted another website, it was accepted. The process for verification is extremely fast. They also appear to be presenting Google search results, so unsure if any ramifications submitting here as well as submitting and being listed in Google? So use at your own risk.

As you can imagine, if this blog doesn’t pass the criteria (I have not tried contacting them via guestbook to discuss) for Sunwukong then perhaps it won’t be listed on the previous two either. So perhaps try Sunwukong first to assess.

If you are looking at listing your site in Chinese search engines, please leave comments telling us of your experiences and don’t hesitate to recommend search engines also. Also if you live in China, very interested to read about your views and experiences of search engines worldwide as well as in China.