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An index of our technical support posts and pages to help you make the best use of this website. Please check back regularly as the site continues to grow.

Boot CDs

– Ping! – Creating an image of your hard drive partition

Microsoft Windows

– Create PDF files

– How to change a user account password on Microsoft Windows 7

– How to setup and manage multiple profiles in Mozilla Thunderbird on Microsoft Windows

– Open and Edit Adobe PDF files in OpenOffice

– Print Screen / Screen Capture on Windows = Greenshot

– Shortcut Keys – Microsoft Office 2003

– TrueCrypt Whole Disk Encryption – No CD workaround

– Windows Update 7 Problem with KB2446708 .Net Framework 4 Failed

Online Services and related

– How to clear your browser history

– How to remove a credit card from the apple store


– Create a website icon for your wordpress blog

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