The best apps for tracking your business’s finances

By | April 6, 2012

As a newly minted web entrepreneur or small business owner, you know that running your own outfit is a 24/7 job. Just because you’re not at the office or not sitting in front of your laptop doesn’t mean that there’s work to be done. This is particularly true for the financial aspects of most businesses; the sales, profits, losses, debts, and budgeting of a business is always in flux whether you’re there to monitor them or not.

Luckily there are a host of great mobile apps out there to assist you when you’re away from the office or your number crunchers so you can monitor and revise financials as necessary. With these financial management apps, it’s like you have a mini accountant in the palm of your hand. Here are four of my favorite apps for tracking the numbers.


This is an amazing app for business people and entrepreneurs who are often on the road on behalf of their company. Usually when you’re traveling for business, you’re expected to keep track of bills, fees, and general expenses to return to your employer at the end of your trip so you can be properly reimbursed. The process can be a hassle, which is where Expensify comes in. the app effectively streamlines the entire procedure by allowing to log all your expenses on your smartphone in quick fashion. You can link you credit card up to Expensify to keep track of every purchase you make; you can take photos of paper receipts which the app will break down and turn into raw data; you can even track your mileage while driving or flying so you can be precisely compensated for your trip later on. It’s a must have app for those who dread filling out expense reports—Expensify does all the work for you!


InDinero is the new hot ticket item for small businesses who want to make money management a pain-free experience. It’s the ideal app for small business owners unfamiliar with managing money: all you have to do is enter your account information into the app, and InDinero essentially sets up the rest. The app divides your expenses into clear categories so you can see exactly what money goes where, making it much easier to draft budgets and set clear financial goals for your business (both of which InDinero can help you with). It’s the smart alternative to the traditional and daunting spreadsheet, and any small business owner would be lucky to have it on their phone.


Mint has long been the classic for financial management apps, but it’s earned that title for a reason. Millions of people utilize Mint every day to help manage their money, whether it’s a college student pinching pennies or a budding entrepreneur keeping track of investor capital. It’s easy to use interface welcomes any person who wants to monitor their finances in a legible, customizable, and ultimately safe manner. Users can track their bank account transactions, credit card transactions, investments, interest rates on any number of loans, and just about any other necessary monetary data.


Like its name suggests, EasyBooks is a finely designed bookkeeping app for small business owners. You can keep track of all sorts of financials from this app, from tracking the expenses on a company credit card to managing whatever assets and investments your business may hold. EasyBooks separates your business accounts into customizable categories, allowing you to tabulate expenses and profits into neat, understandable reports that go over monetary gains and losses over a set timetable. The app can also set up professional finance reports for auditing, cash flow statements, balance sheets, and in-depth budget analysis.

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This is a guest post by Kristie Lewis from construction management degree. You can reach her at: Kristie.Lewis81 @ gmail. Com.