The Case for Recruitment Solutions Software Systems

By | October 5, 2011

Organisations are always searching for improved recruitment solutions in order to improve service and efficiency, while still lowering costs. Many factors must be taken in to consideration when the time comes to alter the traditional HR processes to achieve global recruitment solutions objectives. All phases of HR services must be evaluated and updated to current standards of technological advances, in order to stay abreast of the competition in the market place. Recruitment software solutions offer a variety of options to fully integrate all HR responsibilities into a seamlessly functioning unit that is secure and fully regulatory compliant. These solutions are lower in cost and far more efficient than present methods.

HR Processes Need Improvement

Streamlining all HR related tasks into an interactive platform online with full data sharing capabilities is the ideal environment, because it does lower the costs, improve data reporting and allow management of personnel with far greater efficiency. Payroll is one of the most troublesome and expensive aspects of the HR tasks. Payroll is costly to handle in-house, and almost as expensive to outsource to a payroll company. When payroll is integrated into strategic recruitment solutions, significant savings begin to be realised. Another of the tasks that require extensive investment is recruitment of personnel to fill vacancies. The fees charged by outside recruiters and agencies that are necessary to locate the caliber of talent required to fill key positions, is also quite expensive. If an intelligent recruitment solutions process can streamline all of these tasks into one system, then a real savings of time and money becomes a reasonable goal. Efficiency and internal communication also receive a boost from prior levels.

Solutions for Streamlining HR

Professional recruitment solutions offer all of these advantages and more. Not only is talent recruitment now a part of HR processes, but their applications and related data are preserved in permanent records, and this creates a talent pool for future vacancies. All present personnel records are also integrated into the system; absence, vacation, payroll, expenses, employment and disciplinary, safety and health and benefits are included in the data. Mobile apps for iPod, iPad and iPhone can be integrated, allowing a measure of self-service for employees and management. Concerns that employees can access include company directories, contacts and absence reporting. Management has all of those options, plus interaction with other employee information up to the level of their security access. All data entry duplication is eliminated due to the fully shared data streams. Reporting now becomes an interactive process that allows full analysis and comparison pulled directly from the core HR system.

The Final Analysis

Online recruitment solutions are currently saving users from 10% to 40% over the previous manual and department specific processes formerly employed for HR practices. Regulatory compliance is assured by constant internal system audit programs. The security is excellent; the principal of which is similar to cloud computing security. A streamlined system that is fully interactive is an extremely advantageous and cost effective recruitment solution for any organisation.


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