The Importance of Professional Development for all Employees

By | March 20, 2012

Running a small business is no easy task, especially when the most difficult part about it all is finding a handful of talented, intelligent, and responsible employees. Once you’ve found that group of solid workers, the next most important thing is keeping them happy and challenged—developing them to reach their fullest potential. Part of accomplishing this means putting professional development at the forefront of your business. While money is an important part of maintaining happy and productive employees, motivation also stems from learning new things. Here are a few reasons why you need to implement professional development in your business right now.

1. Professional development gives your employees direction.

Professional development in all its various forms, first and foremost, gives employees a sense of direction in their immediate job position. It gives them material that will enable them to better do their jobs, while expanding the parameters of their job description.

2. It helps employees stay on top of the latest innovations.

Even though you may think you know your business inside and out, industries are always undergoing constant changes, especially with the increasing and exponential rate of technological advance. As such, offering professional development to your employees will enable them to track exactly where the industry is going. It will help them hone and develop new technological skills so that they are savvy enough to take your small business to the next level.

3. Learning is scientifically proven to make people happy.

Happy employees make productive employees. And there’s nothing quite like continued learning to keep employees, who may face more or less routine tasks every day, happy. In fact, various studies (here’s one) have proven the idea that an atmosphere that encourages learning is an atmosphere composed of happier and more fulfilled people.

4. It gives your employees a career instead of just a job.

Even though you may want to keep the best of you employees for the rest of their working lives, the reality of the matter is that, now especially, people switch jobs every few years. In order to build a reputation for future employees indicating your company is a great, fulfilling place to work, you must be training your workers not simply for the work they do now, but also for the work they may be doing in the future. Providing professional development gives your workers a chance at a full-fledged career, something that your employees will thank you for when they give your business talented referrals in the future.

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