The Missing Note App for iPhone : Evernote

By | May 26, 2009

Everyone who has an iPhone and is running a business in this day and age knows how frustrating using it to take notes or jot down memos on the go – especially when you want to be able to send those memos to other employees, email your notes around to co-workers or clients, or share them online with the community. The fatal flaw with the iPhones built in Notes application is the simple fact that it can’t do any sharing at all, and this is bad for you and your business.

Evernote is the solution to this fatal flaw. Evernote is a simple to use yet extremely detailed and in depth application available for free in the App Store. Evernote allows you to take notes, jot down thoughts and memos, take and tag photos of anything you want to record, and even record audio memos – and the best part is that its all synced back to Evernote’s website for sharing and later access. There’s even a desktop application so you can read and compose new notes right on your laptop or desktop machine and then take all your memos and schedules along with you on your iPhone.

Evernote’s mobile interface for the iPhone is clean and simplistic – after logging in with your free account your greeted with handy and sometimes nifty tips to help make the most of the app, and a simple initial interface to get started with note taking. From this menu you can choose to compose a text note, take a snapshot or upload a photo already on your phone, or record a voice note.

Composing notes is simple and straightforward – you enter your text, a title, and then you can tag the note. Evernote allows everything you upload to be tagged so that you can search it later using its very powerful note search – you’ll never be too far away from the note your looking for, even with lots of them in your “Notebook” (Evernote’s way of storing notes).

Evernote is simply the best way to store your notes – with options like the ability to post notes to Evernote from Twitter and clip text from any website with a bookmarklet – it can’t be beat when it comes to jotting down whats important to you on the go.