The New Face Of Marketing Using Social Media

By | October 19, 2011

A lot of changes have taken place on the internet, in the past couple of decades.

Your business growth and impact depends largely on how much marketing tactics you employ. That is why, the traditional systems of marketing is fast fading away, you need some degree of self-trust to achieve success these days.

It all begins with you. Who you’re is much powerful than what you do. So begin with your inner self, conquer your self doubts and embark on a journey that makes life blissful. I want to share some eye-popping marketing systems that is proven to work.

As a conceptual marketer; who wants to succeed and deliver top notch products, there are things you aught to be friendly with, this way you would be able to trounce the market, and cause the lines to fall in your own favor. After the Google panda updates, it becomes obvious to use social media as a marketing tool, because it works.

1. Understand The Era We Are

We are no longer in the industrial age, where families enjoy hereditary assets. Although, a lot of people today are enjoying what their parents left for them. If you’re fortunate enough to inherit wealth, congratulations. But for those who are like me, you need to know the times we are in.

This age we are in right now, is somewhat quick, powerful and high-tech. You don’t have to rely on your mundane knowledge to win, get the latest updates on your niche, and make sure you adapt to changes coming your way.

Your target prospects are looking for answers, very quickly. As much as possible, they want shortcuts to achieve something. Nobody wants to suffer, undergo pains and agony before making it big. So, get in tune with prospect’s choice, and your marketing campaigns would soar.

2. Use Social Media Creatively

When marketing your products and services via twitter and Facebook for instance, you have to do it creatively. A lot of things pose to distract your attention and waste your time on these portals. You shouldn’t allow such events to override you.

The best way to become creative is by understanding what your prospects want. What is pushing them, their motivation and the power behind their refusal to patronize you? Until you understand this, you would be targeting the wrong people. So, become creative, when people post and upload their photos, find out what motivated them. This way, you would be able to speak their language and win their hearts. Be a creative marketer!

3. Schedule Your Advertising Campaigns

Social media prospects needs to see your business everyday, if you must win them. Generally, you need a total of 3000 impressions to be able to please stubborn prospects. But you can’t be there at all times, using manual systems.

This is where automation comes in. Just like in twitter, you could be able to automate and schedule your posts to go out daily, while you focus on the core aspects of your business. Sending out tweets every minutes is best done, with a twitter app like twaitter or twuffer.

4. Build Strong Relationships With Prospects

I discovered that people buy from experts. While in College, we were taught that experts know their worth, they are skilled and whatever they say, is final. On the internet, the same system works every time. You have to prove to your prospects that you’re an expert.

How? By the quality of information you deliver.

When you promise a thing, you should go the extra mile to deliver and even overdeliver. This way, you would soothe your prospective buyers, get positioned to market your products and services easily. No matter the niche you’re, you can relate to these people.

For instance, on one of my review blogs that sittercity coupon and discount codes, I had to build relationships with prospects who wants to save money on their favorite items. Therefore, selling to these group of people becomes a lot easier.

Marketing Takeaway

Social media marketing can help your business in several ways. You should start incorporating the systems into your business. If you own a blog, or a corporate website, start building your fan-base today.

The success of your business is determined by the number of prospects you’re able to rich at the click of a button – (Michael Chibuzor)

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Michael Chibuzor is a Social Media Writer and shares blogging tips. He also writes on his coupon blog that shares free discount deals. Some popular products discussed are coupon and 6pm codes & discounts.Currently, he offers a free sittercity promo and 6pm coupon code shipping.

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