The Pros and Cons of DIY Link Building

By | January 23, 2012

Do it yourself and save money; get someone else to do it for you and get more exposure; or start a new way of life and create links with organic content creation? I’ll give you three guesses which side I’m on (clue: it’s the last one!)

DIY Link Building

DIY link building is an exact science, actually more exact than its paid for counterpart. This is because you get to specify where every link resides – so no more dodgy links coming in from sites that don’t sit well with search engines or parental filters. On the other hand, building your own links takes forever and can seriously impact on the amount of time you have left to do other work (like keeping your business operating smoothly). It’s like the email conundrum faced by large corporations, which are now seriously having to consider getting rid of email systems because their employees spend so much time on correspondence that they have no time left for anything else.

Link building takes time, a lot of time, which is why it has traditionally been farmed out to companies that do it for you:

Paid for Link Building

Well the cons here have been noted already – if you can’t control where your links are coming from you have no idea where your site is affiliated. Also, link building is generally viewed in a poor light by the denizens of the web: because it is basically cheating. Every link you build is designed purely to make your website appear high on the Page rankings, which is hardly playing fair by the end user.

Your end user wants your site to be recommended to him or to her on the basis of its content – not because you have paid a link farm to create a web of inbound links that come from places whose content the consumer couldn’t care less about. And that, my friends, means option three – doing it yourself properly by creating a place that people want to link to.

The Power of the People

No matter what you try to do to replicate its effect, there is no SEO strategy in the world that can beat going viral. If there was, then every site that paid for SEO services would be viral in a heartbeat. No – the biggest number of inbound links anyone ever gets are the ones that come from real people sharing your URL because it contains stuff they actually want to read or see.

Content is still your number one ally. Combine killer content with a strong engagement in the right social media circles and you are in a position to do some DIY link creation that really works.

There are three things you need to get right:

1: Content

2: Social media presence

3: Analysis

OK so 2 and 3 are interchangeable in the time frame: you need analysis to ensure that your social media presence is correct – and you need a good social media presence in order to generate results you can analyse to improve. But you get the picture.

Without your content you are nothing, as the thankful demise of all those awful sites that were full of advertising links for dodgy medication proves. Without displaying that content in the right places, you can be as great as you like and still hit no home runs.

Analysis and Social Media Presence

I have said it before and I will probably say it again. You can’t analyse too much. Analyse social media chatter streams to find out what people are saying not just about you, but about the kinds of things that you sell. Get a handle on the circles of influence and buddy up with the big boys and girls. Get them talking with you and about you. Your social media presence is defined by the quality of your analysis – if you don’t get it right you are just jumping in blindly.

If you do get it right, your link building strategy will take care of itself.

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