The Top 5 Portable USB Hard Drives Under £100

By | April 5, 2012

Due to the recent flooding in Thailand, hard drive prices have been unnaturally high for the past 6 months. While your everyday USB external hard drive will cost a little more than it would have this time last year, there are still plenty of solid options. Here are five of the best USB hard drives on the market currently.

Samsung HX-M101UAB/g M2

Though Samsung would do well to come up with some more imaginative device names, the M2 is nevertheless a superb 2.5-inch USB drive with 1 TB of capacity. Like the rest of the M2 line-up of USB drives, this model is almost impossibly slim at just 17.60 millimetres thick. In addition, it features a 3-year limited warranty that’s above the industry average.

Buffalo Ministation 1TB

All too often overlooked by mainstream consumers, Buffalo nevertheless makes solid gear at a fair price. Their Ministation 1 TB USB 2.0 model provides exemplary value, throughput and compatibility right off the bat, which is probably why it’s so highly ranked on Amazon and other online vendors. The Ministation is definitely one USB HDD that shouldn’t be overlooked.

WD My Passport Essential SE

The Western Digital Passport series has been a staple of the backup and external storage scene for years, and no top five list of USB hard drives would be complete without one of their reliable models. The My Passport Essential SE features the usual 1 TB of storage for just under £100. It’s a touch pricey, but for the quality of a WD drive the cost is worth it.

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex

One of the most respected names in digital mass storage, Seagate is typically a pretty safe bet when it comes to external USB drives. The FreeAgent GoFlex USB 2.0 1 TB model features encryption-capable backup software pre-installed, a 2-year warranty, the ability to upgrade to USB 3.0 via an optional kit and terrific read and write speeds.

Toshiba PX1710E-1HJ0 StorE Alu2 

For such a high-quality, reliable maker of laptops, hard drives and displays, Toshiba doesn’t get nearly the respect it deserves. Their £80 PX1710E-1HJ0 StorE Alu2 has a weird name but impeccable performance and value for a drive of its size. The StorE Alu2 features a sturdy aluminium casing, USB 2.0 and 1 TB of storage space.

Final Word

While HDD prices are taking their sweet time returning to normal, there are still plenty of bargains to be had in the £100 and under category of external USB hard drives. Regardless of your preferred brand, every major manufacturer boasts at least one model of external, USB-powered portable hard drive that’s worth the money.

About the Guest Post Author: Dan Fenu is a Designer/Writer based in London. Loves all things Apple.