Three Online Backup Quick Tips For Blogging Entrepreneurs

By | March 27, 2012

Are you a blogging entrepreneur?

Yes, you’re if you own a unique blog, with valuable and thought-provoking content that stirs up thoughts as people read ‘them. As bloggers, we cannot do without online backup; it’s a fundamental aspect of doing business online especially for WordPress users.

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) for now – and it has become the target for hacking by unscrupulous persons. Protecting your data in this CMS network is more important than waking up to write a blog post.

I want to quickly show you three online backup tips to make blogging sweeter, more rewarding and hopeful. These are simple tips and I’m sure you’ll practice them. Let’s see:

1. Have a unique Blog

The uniqueness of a blog would help and inspire the blogger to go ahead and backup data. If your blog is every blog out there, you might not remember to backup because everything seems the same.

People actually come to your blog because they find it unique. You’ve a way of explaining a marketing concept which others do not have. There is nothing new in blogging, but the approach is what sets the fire ablaze or quench it.

Your duty is to pamper your blog, with the uniqueness it has so that when next a reader comes, they won’t detect the ugly things that happened behind the bars; in the case of a hacked blog. So, your uniqueness actually has a strong impact on your blog and how persuaded you’re towards online backup.

2. Use good online backup services

How do you recognize a good online backup service?

If you read what service providers have on their site and make decisions from there, you may have to regret it later. Instead, move out and scour the internet for helpful product and service reviews. What are people saying concerning a particular online backup service?

The same goes for web hosting packages and email marketing tools and portals. The only people that matters when you want to make buying decisions online are consumers, online shoppers, buyers and prospective clients. They cannot tell you otherwise if they weren’t satisfied with that service.

When you listen to their words, and read their comments, ratings and opinion, that’s a huge addition to your decision arsenal. Ideally, the best online storage and backup services can come from direct citation and word of mouth marketing from your family, colleagues and social media fans. Norton antivirus discount code and carbonite discount code are two great security software for your PC.

3. Know what to backup

When you subscribe to any online backup system or use the free ones, rest assured that you’ll be limited to the amount of data you can store. That leaves you with discretion on what to actually backup and what to ignore. If you send every data: files, directory, zip folder and MySql database information to this storage space, you’re going to run out of space soon.

So, decipher what you actually want to save and use the allotted space wisely. If you ask me, I think WordPress database, account details, email letter swipe files, business portfolio and the likes are great data to store. Every other data can be transferred to external disk where you can retrieve them at will.

Online Backup Takeaway

You cannot neglect backup for your WordPress Blog. And WP database shouldn’t be the only data to secure.

There are other things that matter to your business and if you do not use WordPress as a CMS platform, ensure you backup those databases as well. Your bank details and secret codes can be stored in retrieved easily even when you’re away from home. This should be all for now, take action today on these quick tips and I shall send it more. See you at the top!

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