Three online services ideal for cross-platform business use

By | March 27, 2012

The world of computing is changing rapidly. Desktop computers may still be the computing environment of choice for many business users, but more often than not this is supplemented with mobile technologies such as phones and tablets. Plus Linux users find themselves working cross-platform often not just with Microsoft Windows, but Apple’s operating systems, Google’s Android and other operating systems across a range of technologies. So how do you cope in this dynamic changing technological landscape? This support page covers three services that solve many cross-platform requirements and hopefully helps you leverage your technology to your advantage, rather than feeling overwhelmed and without access to your data at times.

Service 1 – Syncing files between computer systems using Dropbox.

Often online services are the saviours to help us cope with cross-platform requirements. Take Dropbox for instance, they say it is for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile use. However given that it has a web interface option as well, this file backup / sync service in reality has a wider platform capability. By dropping files into your dropbox folders on your hard drive, the files and / or folders are saved on the dropbox servers. Setup your account on another computer and they will be saved to that computer’s hard drive as well. Want to share files with others? No problem, you can share a folder by inviting people via email and then they can access your shared folder also. You can also go even further and share files with anyone!

On someone else’s computer and need access to a file? No problem, you can log in with a web browser and download your files. So dropbox is useful in any number of scenarios, such as a person with both a linux desktop, windows laptop and an Apple iPhone. Enabling you to seamlessly work on files between operating systems.

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Service 2 – Syncing web browser bookmarks using Xmarks.

Often when replacing an operating system on their computer system people forget to backup their web browser’s bookmarks. Then only to discover later or the next day their favourite bookmarks are no more.. unless they used the Xmarks service! This service not only enables you to backup your bookmarks to their service, but you can easily sync your bookmarks with other computer’s you use, regardless of the platform’s operating system as long as the web browser is Chrome. Firefox, Internet Explorer or Opera.

So everytime you add a new bookmark and sync, it will be available in your other browser once it has received the latest updates and vice versa. Again like dropbox you can log into their service via a web browser and access the bookmarks, perfect for when you are away from all of your computers, but require a specific bookmark or two.

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Service 3 – Take your notes with you anywhere using Evernote.

If only there was a service that enabled you to get rid of paper, store it for access from a variety of computer technologies and search the data….. okay as you guessed there is and Evernote is the service we are referring to. From saving images, website information, writing notes and much more, this service enables you to put the pen and paper away. Easy to use and integrates well into popular web browsers. Again perfect for cross-platform use.

How people use this service varies between users. From some taking quick photos of business cards, others scanning in paperwork to some users writing notes all day long, or any number of other requirements this service can meet.

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