Time to ditch Internet Explorer

By | January 19, 2010

Two European governments have warned against using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (all versions). First of all the German government warned users to use an alternative browser to protect security and now the French government.

My personal recommendation is Mozilla’s firefox that rose from the ashes of the Netscape browser project. Regardless of security I’ve found every major milestone of the browser to provide improved performance and functionality. Plus bundle that with the security updates, the smorgasbord of addons and excellent rendering of web pages and it’s no wonder it’s a popular browser. Plus other popular browsers you could consider are Google’s Chrome and Opera.

Don’t forget that many people simply use the browser supplied on their computer. So I recommend you take the time to tell others, be it family, friends or colleagues. I know others may take some time to get used to a new browser and seem reluctant, but it is worth the learning curve for improved security.

Mozilla Firefox can be found here: www.mozilla.com