Tips for Designing Your Exhibition Stand

By | February 14, 2012

Arguably the most important part of a successful exhibition stand is the design elements. Whilst other things must be factored into the equation, the main focus will often fall on the shape, layout and overall appearance – particularly at events where the competition will be present. This makes it even more important to stand out and attract passers-by.

To create an exhibition stand that works, certain factors should be taken carefully into consideration. For instance, the design should be relevant to the product or service that is being promoted – a stand that promotes children’s’ toys will be significantly different to stands that display car or computer parts. Also, be sure to consider the logo of the product or service being sold, as well as that of the company selling it.

One of the most important elements of exhibition stands or pull up banners with regards to attracting customers is the company or product logo. They can be displayed in a number of different ways that will instantly attract passers-by. One logo should be placed in the middle of the stand and above eye level, which will enable it to be seen from a considerable distance. More localised logos can be placed on the lower-middle part of the stand, should there be some type of barrier such as a countertop. Logos can come in useful when placed on either side of a stand so that people can see it from any direction.

Visual aspects of display products are also important. Product prototypes, images, diagrams and efficient use of colour schemes can really help to convey a company’s message regardless of how busy a trade show is or how high the noise levels can be at these kinds of events. Choosing the best combination of colours really cannot be stressed enough. These combinations run the gamut between light and dark, and loud and subtle – and there is no clear cut winning combination. There is quite a fine line between appealing and rich, garish and bright, or just simply too dark. Ideally, the colours opposite each other on a colour wheel (known as complimentary colours) attract the most attention. When used together these colours are very proficient at attracting the attention of others.

Exhibition stands that utilise video are becoming increasingly popular. A laptop slide show or screen with a looping message combined with the company logo/contact information can gain attention in a pleasing and above all interesting way. If not, a company’s contact information should always be seen close to a company logo, maybe printed on cards or brochures that are given out to trade show visitors.

One final way to maximise visits to your stand is through clever use of lighting. The word to remember here is ‘balance’. Lighting should never be too dim or too bright at an exhibition stand. Don’t be afraid to implement spotlights, as these will effectively highlight a certain product and generate interest towards the products you are offering.

About the Guest Post Author: Dane Cross is a UK based freelance blogger currently writing on behalf of Marler Haley, UK based suppliers of pop up banners and exhibition stands.