To blog or not to blog? That is the question

By | June 27, 2012

This article is about whether you should bother with blogging.

Okay, hands up, the short answer to whether I feel you should bother with blogging, is a loud YES! Blogs create opportunity, they can provide insight, help engagement, present authority and yes be powerful marketing tools. When you need to get a message out quickly, a blog is a good medium to use. When you want more search engine visitors, a blog present an ideal opportunity. So what isn’t there to like about blogging?

Blogging is time consuming! Blogging can distract you from other tasks. Blogging can present you with an opportunity to make a fool of yourself! Yet if you lay down clear guidelines about why you are blogging, as well as how you should blog, it can be fun, rewarding and provide numerous benefits.

It is not to be denied that many people struggle to write a blog post, often not knowing what to actually write about. Then they see what someone else wrote about, and then produce something remarkably similar, which often isn’t utilising the opportunities that blogging can present. Yet most people have something unique to share, or at the very least unique in the way they present it. Blogging can be deeply personal and by creating your own style, giving it your own voice, you can make your blog a more appealing venue to visit.

A blog added to a ten page website, can help that site bloom into a large presence, sucking in visitors from search engines and telling the world the site, the business is very much alive and kicking.

Have a problem with your business image, humanise the website. Encourage staff to blog, add galleries of photos, run a competition or two. Show people what you represent and don’t shy away from engaging with commentators, if the dialogue is beneficial to all.

There lies one of the major problems with blogs. You can attract ‘trolls’, especially the larger the blog. A blog troll is a person that has nothing better to do, than to write some malicious comment, often for no reason, other than to spread some hate, and try and get a reaction. That is where comment moderating comes into play, and for you not be nervous of deleting comments and not allowing or responding to some.

A blog can be an opportunity, if you go about blogging in the right manner. For a business it can be a powerful asset. If you don’t have a blog, you should look at how to set one up.

About the author: Gary is passionate about business blogging, when not playing pool or hanging out with friends.