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By | September 18, 2008

I have found that most people either have a love or hate relationship with to do lists.  I enjoy lists of all sorts and find myself constantly making lists.   I have even been known to write in “Update to do list” on my to do list.

Even to do list haters may find the need for a very simple to do list, especially in running their business.  There are constant calls to make, things to update, emails to reply to, and research to do.   You may find yourself trying to keep it all in your head or jotting notes down on a post it note and losing it.   (Yes, even I have been known to do that before becoming more organized!)  I have found a very simple solution.  Behold the to do list!

Note: This is a partial image of the to do list.   Please click on the links at the bottom of this blog post to view it in its entirety.

I created a simple to do list and divided it into three categories.   The categories are key to keeping me organized.

The first category is “Major Tasks or Projects.”  I put all tasks or projects taking more than 15 minutes in this category.

The next category is “Short Tasks or Projects.”  All of the tasks or projects taking less than 15 minutes go in this category.

The last category is Names and Numbers.  I put all phone calls to make here in this category with notes as what I need to ask or discuss with that person.

This form of a to do list is very simple, but keeps me organized.   When I have just a couple of minutes to spare, I choose an item off of my small tasks or projects list and accomplish that item.   I have found that having my to do’s separated keeps me more on task than and helps me use my time for effectively.  As a bonus, I have yet to lose this to do list once I print it out!

You can download the PDF version of the to do template here: To Do PDF Please note that this is a print and fill in version.

You can download the Word version of the to do template here:  To Do Word File Please note that this version you are able to edit and then print.

If you choose to use these, please either comment here with your feedback or send me an email at  I love all feedback, both bad and good.

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  1. smallbusinesstech

    Good you liked Amber’s post Dion. 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

  2. Dion Rodrigues

    Very helpful! Maybe it will help me stay afloat in class 🙂

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