Top 10 iPad apps that could boost your Business Productivity

By | September 26, 2011

Sixteen months after its debut iPad is a proven business gadget, thanks to thousands of great apps developed by some of the best software developers from all over the world. Once, you’ve understood, your Tablet can double up as one of the best electronic tools for single-handed use. You will be quick to reach out to the best business apps aimed at maximizing your productivity.

Here is the Top 10 we would recommend…with a quick glance at their best features-


Definitely topping our list is the Dropbox, a great Cloud-storage system for storing, sharing files online operated as a web-based file hosting service by DropBox, Inc. Its best features, in addition to being free are its ability to synchronize DropBox, create back-up files with minimal free storage space as well as unlimited paid storage space. Except for the tedious navigation, this is a must have app for your iPad.

ZigZag Board

If you are looking for a whiteboard that synchronizes best with the iPad with the Web, the ZigZag board is for you. This app makes the best tool for those long-drawn sales presentations, discussions or simple brain-storming. Also, it is smooth and frictionless on the board and ink stains are of course absent. Drawback-requires greater pen color options as well as better features for merging with other programs.


Nomadesk is another great business app for storing data and sharing across platforms. Its greatest advantage is that it can be accessed from a host of devices. Though the app is free, it costs $15 for one file server for a month. But it is unbeatable to track stolen iPad and remote file shredding.

Documents To Go

By far, Documents To Go is the best iPad app for editing, creating Excel and PowerPoint documents while on the go. Several price packages are available depending on the version of Office suite you opt. The Premium range is $16.99. It is excellent for moving docs from DropBox to SugarSync to other accounts online. Drawback of this App is poor synchronizing with Google.


Here is an app, with great business application- the Evernote. It is made for getting your repository organized and could well replace your brainware. This app is available free of cost and is ideal for tagging files, bulletins in the form of board-styles and notebook presentations. It is the perfect software used for note-taking as well as for archiving purposes. The entire spectrum from a piece of text, an entire webpage, to a voice memo, as well as a handwritten note is considered as a note and is supported fully by this App.

Since, these notes in all formats can be synchronized online and are well supported by backup services, it is ideal for businesses, which are largely into consulting services lot of interaction occurs between clients and the business. Impromptu discussions, ideas are easy to note and storing for further usage makes it a perfect productivity business app.


The first love of students for handwriting, Penultimate is an app, which is sure to set new standards in your business processes. From sketches to keep notes and making those impromptu points or emphasizing a point in a presentation, this is a great app for business for immediate sharing of thoughts and ideas etched on your digital paper. As a bold gel ink and one of the best writing technologies are deployed this makes for a fun but very purposeful app, which will give form to your ideas.

Best feature is the handwriting recognition technology and adaption of multiple pen styles and available at $0.99, it is a must have for designing-based business and definitely architects. Drawback, perhaps is that, the wrist protection works against the left-handers.


Micro Strategy is a true business-based app, which provides Business Intelligence while on the go. That is to say, software will be available for software for iPads and mobile and is licensed for free use to more than 25 users. It includes great features, such as sounding alerts for meeting business metric milestones. The drawback perhaps is that it is a little oversized for small businesses and ideal for mid-sized businesses.

Where MicroStrategy delivers is because of the unique feature of allowing business reports, documents, dashboards as well as KPIs to be accessible to concerned clients as well as executives who need to use such business intelligence for optimized client-servicing. It allows full viewing featuring of all business data in multi-touch tables, to visualizations and documents. The latest versions include enhancements for managing memory better; improving scalability as well as improved performance.


Keynote is an iWork app, which helps in creating presentations and is more useful than our usual PowerPoint. It costs $9.99 and includes iPad connectivity to the projector, making it easier for sign-ins for presentations. But, the only difficulty happening with this App for iPad is that, your off-line Keynote presentations cannot be synchronized. It is ideal for making business presentations as they can be made in a variety of ways on your iPad.


The original spreadsheet from iWork is reworked as Numbers to become a powerful app for the iPad. At $ 9.99, it is great not only for the pricing but as better and more consistent performer in comparison with Excel. Greatest feature is the undo option, which is powerful for overcoming fudgy numbers. Creating spreadsheets with just a touch is the greatest feature of this app. Drawback is the poor integration with older Excel documents.


A great app for businesses that need to provide their employees with electronic gadgets to record the services they provide. ServiceMax is a free app and seamlessly integrates data from Only drawback is that employees cannot be monitored at every stage. Check out these Top business apps for iPad, which is aimed at improving your business productivity, even when you are on the move or your businesses are located across multiple-locations.

Let me know if these apps help you to increase your business performance. Also I would be open to hear any of your suggestions related to iPad business apps.

Author Bio: This post was written by Anuradha Shukla who is a Tablet computing enthusiasts and regularly contributes for You can follow her @tabletpcexpert.