Top 5 LinkedIn groups for Business Owners

By | May 29, 2011

Although LinkedIn tends to be a popular social media site for individuals who are looking for employment, believe it or not LinkedIn also offers a wealth of opportunities for small business owners as well.

LinkedIn is a great tool that can link small or even big business owners together so you can help give each other various pieces of advice, or even find other business connections in every country of the world via LinkedIn groups.

Whether you already have a LinkedIn account for yourself or your business, or if you’re been eyeballing LinkedIn as of late, here are five groups you should join if you own your own business:


1. Social Media Marketing

This LinkedIn Group allows you to post your website and blogs for other group members to see, and also contains numerous articles that give tips on how you can maintain your business and draw more customers.


2. On Startups – The Community for Entrepreneurs

This group has over 95,000 members and is described as the “largest entrepreneurship community on LinkedIn” that is specifically directed towards entrepreneurs and small business owners.


3. LinkedIn Business Strategists

This “business network for professionals” allows other business owners to offer advice and their own personal knowledge on how to successfully manage your own business, and the group members also often discuss the proper strategies on how to run a business as well.


4. The Start-Up Phase Form

If you recently started up your own business, then be sure to check out this group which is specifically for new business owners.


5. GoBigNetwork Startup Community

This group is not only for small business owners and entrepreneurs, but also “venture capitalists” or any other individual who is interested in helping the growth of new companies.


And last but certainly not least, you should try looking for other local businesses that are not only in your area, but in your field as this well. This way you can connect with other professionals in your industry who have the same passions, interest and background as you.


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