Top 5 Ways to Promote a Small Business on Social Media

By | December 12, 2011

Social media has become so powerful. It is now hard to imagine the Internet without it. Through the last couple of years, more and more people from across the globe has been using the online media to communicate with friends and relatives. It is definitely taking over the position of other popular media like television and magazines.

You could actually use the modern social media to promote your small business. Thus, doing so must be made part of your marketing strategy. You would definitely like using social media for promoting or marketing your business. Doing so is not just less costly; it has also been proven to be effective. You may take advantage of viral marketing, which naturally comes with the use of social media.

Here are top five ways on how to effectively promote your business through social media. Doing so is not as hard as you think. The results could be overwhelming.

1. Use popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. There are just too many network sites to get into. It would be better if your business could penetrate most if not all of those. Doing this could ensure that your small business would get to enjoy the exposure it deserves. You may create accounts for your business on such social media networks.

2. Ensure ‘linkability’ of your Website. This is under the assumption that you have established a Website for your small business, which is a must. You need not spend so much to do so. There are many options available that facilitate establishment of Websites for free like Blogger and WordPress. Amazingly, such sites help save time and effort on your part as they easily and quickly facilitate buttons for sharing through Facebook, Twitter, and more.

3. Create original content. For your Website and your social media accounts, always make sure all content posted is always original and accurate. The Internet is an information super-highway. Original content could quickly and easily travel through it with less resistance. If the content is flawed, readers could find out about it. They could end up bashing and degrading your Website, social media accounts, and business. Do not underestimate the power of viral communication through social media. It could make or break your small business.

4. Present your content in a better way. Nothing could beat content that is presented in the most interesting way. Use a creative and better layout for your site. Present original and colorful pictures. It would also be advantageous if you would try not to be self-centered. Provide external links so your readers could feel more empowered while in your Website. This way, your site and business could enjoy raves across social media.

5. Be cool. The difference of social media over other online portals is that social media users are mostly casual and informal. You do not need to be formal to communicate to the public. Instead, try to reach out to more people by becoming informal, cool, and approachable. This way, your small business could surely enjoy the raves across the modern social media.

About the Guest Article author: Andrew helps businesses finance their expansion. When he is not writting, Andrew works for a private lender, ALC, where he specialises in business loans.