Top Time Saving Apps For Your Mac

By | November 12, 2008

As you go about your daily workflow on your Mac, you may find yourself encountering some slow down. One of the best ways to speed up your working can be accomplished through automation, or little apps that can do this for you.

Here’s a list of the best time saving apps I’ve discovered through use of my Mac – and hopefully you’ll find them useful as well.

1) Open Terminal Here – This nifty Applescript and Icon edit puts a Leopard-esque terminal shortcut in all of your Finder windows. The steps necessary to do this are a little complex, but here’s a quick summary:

– Download Open Terminal Here from

– Right click on Open Terminal Here and select “Show Package Contents”

– Navigate to Contents/Resources/ and replace droplet.icns with this .icns file:

– Close the window, then drag the application icon for Open Terminal Here onto your Finder, and you should have something like the picture below


2) MagiCal – This great little app puts your iCal calendars in your menubar. Along with displaying your calendar, it also provides quick and easy access to iCal and has loads of settings that can be tweaked to suit your needs. Download it for free from


3) Quıcĸsıɩⅴεʀ – Quıcĸsıɩⅴεʀ is probably the best (and hardest to spell) app I’ve ever used – this extremely lightweight app is a quick launcher, much like Spotlight, but super charged. It allows for ever present customization and search fine tuning – and app launching isn’t even the extent of Quıcĸsıɩⅴεʀ. Quıcĸsıɩⅴεʀ can also be used to execute Terminal scripts, control iTunes, search Address Book contacts, upload photos to Flickr, perform screen grabs, run system diagnostic tools, and the list goes on – this isn’t even half of it. You can grab this amazing timesaver at


4) Folder List Quick Look – Ever find yourself wishing you could use OS X Leopard’s Quick Look feature to see the content of folders? How about the content of ZIP files? Well, you can with these quick and convenient Finder add ons. Download the Folder List Quick Look from and the ZIP Quick Look file from and copy the addon’s file to /Library/QuickLook/.