Useful Solutions to Common Issues in Microsoft Outlook Calendar for Effective Business Management

By | February 23, 2012

Microsoft outlook calendars are increasingly being used in the personal desktops and other devices to record any updates, to-do lists, remainders and appointments etc. you might have issue with Microsoft outlook calendar as it may give scheduling errors, duplicate appointment and missing entries etc. this usually happens when you are using the diverse versions of the outlook for the same clients but this is not something that cannot be dealt with. You can easily handle the problems by making a few settings in default. And make sure you create a back up before you begin so that you may not lose your data.

1 – Duplicate Items Issue:

Duplicate items issue is created in calendar if you run outlook more than once during the restoration and synchronization of exchange folders. This can be corrected as given: hold the alt+ctrl+del keys together to go to the task manager. Now click on the processes button and then select the name column to arrange the words aphetically. Now look for the “Outlook.exe” file and click on it to select it and then hit the end process tab. Repeat this process till there left only one “Outlook.exe” file in the list.

2 – Missing Appointment Problem:

This issue is created when anyone removes the appointments from the handheld devices and afterward sync it with the outlook. Calendars actually do not show anything in between the dates earlier than and later than the latest syncing. This is because the softwares are set to remove old appointments by default in order to save the space and they are usually non-recoverable when deleted. Therefore to cope with this issue set your device settings to always keep the appointments and also use the auto archive to remove appointments and save the space.

3 – Reappearance of Reminders:

The outlook reminders keep surfacing even after they are dismissed as the remainder list remains full with the previous events and keep reminding you and you have to dismiss them repeatedly. This especially appears to windows XP, windows 6 mobiles and Microsoft Outlook 2003 users. It would happen if the users of exchange server 2003 have enabled the ActiveSync. According to Microsoft this problem may also appear when sync your handheld device to more than one computer.

4 – Corrupted Folders:

Remainders marked on calendar stop appearing as per the schedule when the remainder folder gets corrupted. Make sure that the Outlook is properly functioning and verify that saved remainders are only in the task folder or the primary calendar. If this does not recover the problem then your folder is damaged so consult the Microsoft as it suggests closing down the Outlook and removing the remainder folder. For that go the start and select run then write “outlook /cealnreminders” and hit ok.

5 – Common Misconceptions:

You can’t sync the appointments between the Mac’s iCal and outlook as they are not compatible for each other on the other hand Outlook can be synchronized with Google calendar. In this way if you make any change in one of them would appear in both as far as the default Google calendar is concerned. Login to your Google account then go the “2-way” under calendar’s sync options menu and select it. Then select the automatic sync timing and save the settings.

About the Guest Post Author: Guest post by Shah interested in small business management: Small businesses dealing in driving instructor car leasing can have such issues while maintaining contacts via Microsoft outlook so the aforementioned solutions must be kept in mind to solve the issue as soon as possible.