Using Best Mobile Marketing Apps to Boost Your Small Business

By | May 15, 2012

Many entrepreneurs who run small-scale businesses often miss the point that even a small business requires a well thought-out business marketing strategy. A more affordable way of devising a sound business strategy for your small business is to invest in the best marketing apps. Internet marketing apps have become really popular in recent years as they have been found to be very effective in reaching out to people via their smartphones and tablet PCs.

The fact of the matter is that developing and implementing a marketing strategy is one of the hardest and costliest phases which every business has to go through. Over the years, use of email marketing has pretty much taken over the use postcards, flyers and posters to promote the latest products and hottest discount offers. However, recent studies have proven that email marketing is not a very effective marketing tool because majority of the recipients simply do not bother to open and read such email messages. On the other hand, use of mobile marketing via smartphone apps has a startling 97 percent open-and-read rate. Mobile marketing is so popular and effective because these days you hardly ever come across a person who does not owns and uses a mobile phone. With the help of the best marketing apps, any small-scale entrepreneur can reach out to local customers with great results.

Mobile marketing through mobile apps is cost-effective and brings out instantaneous results as most recipients end up reading such mobile notifications within an hour of receiving it. This can result in convincing your customers to show up at your retail store within hours of sending out your promotional offers. Mobile marketing is also extremely successful because it reaches out to your target market with great geographical accuracy. In other words, sending out mobile notifications to locals residing within a mile or two of your store’s location is more likely to help you boost your sales. After Google Maps, mobile marketing is considered to be the most targeted marketing tool.

Making use of interactive apps is another way of extracting the best results out of mobile marketing. As long as your marketing apps have integrated features such as GPS service and reward programs for loyal customers, you can expect to attract the attention of customers located close to your store. The basic idea behind mobile marketing through apps is to make it easier for your customers to learn about new offers and to find out about the locations of your nearby stores. While getting your mobile marketing app developed, you also need to make sure that the app allows you to give unlimited notifications to your customers so that your customers do not have to face any inconvenience.

Developing a marketing app by professionals is no longer an unheard of thing. By investing an amount ranging between $1000 and $1500 you can create a comprehensive and user-friendly mobile marketing app that can help increase your sales considerably. The New York Times has remarked about mobile marketing as the most effective marketing tool ever created so there is no reason why your business should not benefit from it.

About the Guest Post Author: Guest post by Abdul Rehman who is interested to write about technology on his tech blog Geeksuper where you can explore useful tech how to’s, tech news and latest developments in modern tech world.