Using Technology to Make Running Your Small Business Easier

By | March 11, 2012

Technology has spread so that people use it on a daily basis, all in the hopes of making life easier and less complicated. However, it may feel as though technology is making it more difficult for you to run your business. It may also be difficult for you to connect personally with your customers, because dealing with technology is getting in your way. Before you adopt new technology and while you are considering your current practices you should ask yourself these questions about each service and program you decide to use.

Does This Product Make Running My Business Easier?

There are stocking programs that will fill out the order forms based on what was purchased by your customers in the last month. This service can save you money and make it easier to spend time with your customers each day. This is a good example of finding technology that works for you. However if you find that you are spending more time worried about how the program is updating or if the bugs are keeping you from connecting directly with your customers it may not be beneficial to your business.

How Will This Affect My Customers?

It is important to understand your customers. You need to know what they want and how they communicate. For example many companies are doing most of their promotions through social media, websites and monthly newsletters through email. These are great ways to reach your customer base and really connect with them. However, if you are servicing an older population that is not very tech savvy, switching from a paper newsletter solely to an email newsletter may frustrate your customers. You will need to be able to adapt as your customer base changes, and you may want to let your customers decide if they prefer paper or email contact. Additionally you need to make sure that your customers can still contact you by phone or speak to you in person if they want to. Do not let the technology put too many barriers between you and your customers.

Is the Cost of the Technology Paying Off?

If you are a one-store front or office business, it may not make sense to install a complicated computer network in your office or pay for the top tier technology package. At the same time if you are a single office operation, but you have agents that work remotely, it will make sense to invest in good networking tools. You may also choose to employ workers that will work primarily from home, so that you do not need to pay for office space and the associated costs. Additionally spending money on things like building a quality website and building your Internet presence will help your business grow. You should find a way to track the way your customers find you, and then put more money and time into the most effective ways of attracting your new business. Technology is making it easier to reach out to your customers on a regular basis.

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