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By | September 5, 2011

Effective online customer support is essential for any e-commerce business. The advancements in real-time technologies enable companies to make their online live help team much more effective when communicating with web-visitors. Our company, HBR Labs, has developed VeriShow, a multimedia live support tool which enhances the live chat formula by integrating a wide set of applications. By using these different apps, representatives can effectively share multimedia content and present products through audio and video.

verishow support service demonstration

Since VeriShow is web-based, clients can directly receive live support, without needing to install software. A call-button can be integrated onto a website, allowing access into a live help session with one of the website’s representatives.

verishow support main screen

Once the client is inside the session, the online representative can choose the applications that will aid him or her in any specific scenario. Our web-based platform contains a number of apps, including:

  • File sharing – Upload documents, images and videos, present them to the client and annotate them in real-time.
  • Screen sharing and screen capturing apps – Share your screen’s content with a client, or view their screen in order to provide remote assistance.
  • Text chat translator – Translate between languages automatically, so representatives can provide product support for clients speaking other languages.
  • Live video feed – Feed video from an additional camera to present more video content on a product.
  • Form completion – Allow clients to complete forms with site representatives in real-time and sign them, using electronic signatures.

Web visitors who engage in live help sessions with online representatives are much more likely to purchase products. While the purchase still depends on the quality of customer support provided, VeriShow’s different apps are designed to create an interactive experience for clients, and increase the chance of converting potential leads into sales.

verishow online support service

The website offers a number of premium plans for companies of all sizes, so each business can choose the solution that fits his website & goals.

We welcome you to try our multimedia live chat platform for free.

Note from the Editor: This was a guest post submitted by HBR Labs, LLC.

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  1. elisa

    Verishow helps in communicating with clients who are interested in learning more about travel. It lets us share itineraries, documents, images in real live session. It is a radical improvement to traditional chat services.

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