Website Development Company – What to Choose for Mobile Apps: HTML5 or Native?

By | May 3, 2012

Both Mobile web design and HTML 5 are all the rage these days in the tech-world. Web apps run smoothly on mobile browsers. They can even be turned into native apps to run on the several mobile platforms that are there in the market today. Nowadays, almost every website development company is employing HTML5 as a one-stop solution for mobile web development. But can HTML 5 apps compete with native apps on mobile devices? This article will try to answer that question.

  • Feature: when it comes to the user experience of a mobile app, native is far better than HTML5. Native apps can detect multi-touch, swipe events, access hardware and react to the pressing of hard keys such as volume control.
  • Performance: as far as performance is concerned, native apps run faster because they have no runtime barrier. But that doesn’t mean web apps run slow. They run quite fast these days.
  • Development: for developers, native apps are easy to develop, but so are the web apps, especially if you have targeted multiple devices.
  • Appearance and atmosphere: every mobile platform is different and therefore, differs in look as well as feel from others. The user experience in every platform is also thus dissimilar. The entire appearance of a native platform depends on its software library. But when it comes to web apps, they also have their unique appearances and you are at the liberty to modify their appearance the way you want to.
  • Discovering native apps is easy: Take a look at the Android Market or even the Apple App Store. These are go-to-places when mobile device users need new apps. For developers, the Android Market has been a great platform to showcase their creations. They can make any app and put it up on the market for download. But discovering web apps is also just as easy. Thanks to search engines, finding relevant content and useful websites is just a couple of clicks away. Besides, there is the social media where users can share links to websites offering apps. In fact, URLs of websites offering apps can also be sent via email or sms.
  • Native apps can be sold to make money: In other words, native apps are easier to make money from. Mobile app marketplaces are giving web developers the opportunity to charge a price for the apps they make. However, developers can also create web apps and make money from them, of course, for that they need to take a few more steps than just creating an app and putting it up on the net.

As you can see, the battle between HTML5 and Native continues. There are apps that fit best with the web, and there are apps that fit best with native. Both have their own qualities. It’s up to you, as a provider of mobile website development services to choose what you think is the right option. The web is progressing faster. Having only a website development company or a PHP web development company is not enough. You have to find ways to penetrate the realm of mobile web. You can definitely benefit from the plethora of options that are there to progress.

Guest Post Author Bio: Jayati Bhattacharjee is a web developer and technical author. She has authored quality content for various websites, ranging from sites that supply web development, web design and custom programming.