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By | August 28, 2008

Louise Chrystal is highly skilled in ‘Wedding Hairdressing’ and is based in Glasgow, Scotland. Her work is amazing, you only have to spend a few moments on her web site to realise this. As Louise’s case study regarding her web site shows she has a clear view of her requirements, which so many people struggle with. This has lead to a clean, uncluttered, easy to navigate site that clearly demonstrates what is important… Louise’s skills. I also highly recommend you watch the video presentation! Thanks Louise for taking the time to tell us about your site, much appreciated. www.louisechrystal.com

The business was set up in 2005 to cater for colour and cutting clients around the Southside of Glasgow.  I previously worked in Glasgow city centre as stylist and colourist for the big salons.  I have always had “the knack” for setting and styling formal hair and word of mouth led me into the Bridal sector. About 2 months ago I wanted to expand my regular client base and my bridal work, so I bought a .com and went about optimising the site.

The site is a WYSIWYG instantsite from a company called 123reg.  The company does not come off well in webmaster forums etc, but I have had no real problems so far, apart from the limited functionality. The site editor and uploader software does not really allow you to delve into the code, so things like Google Analytics cannot be used, but since my operation is best to remain focussed in central Scotland I have no need for screeds of visitor path info and advertising insights.  For tracking visitors I use www.statcounter.com, a free counter service which I have found to be a very
good tool for my limited needs.

I briefly used www.bravenet.com to add other widgets and functions to my site but they were ad supported and kind of ruined the clean look of the site.

One of the key things that has helped the expansion of my business has been the advice of James McIvor of Scooped! www.makingthenews.co.uk. His SEO advice and guidance has steered the site towards becoming naturally optimised, so without resorting to any link buying, keyword stuffing or
other such jiggery pokery www.louisechrystal.com has moved to page 1 on Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL for the keywords I have optimised for.

Louise Chrystal
Freelance Wedding Hairdressing

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  1. makingthenews

    Nice post – and thanks for the link.
    Like you I’m still finding my way in the mad world of SEO and desperately trying to keep up to speed with all the latest software and new websites.
    I think this blog will benefit us both.

  2. smallbusinesstech

    Thanks for the kind comment about the blog, much appreciated.

  3. Louise

    Thanks smallbusinesstech for the nice review and the kind words.
    James, you should be working at 2:12 on a Thursday –
    I should probably be out at this time on a Saturday!!

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