What Factors Should You Look For While Buying USB Drives?

By | December 2, 2011

Although it is a tendency of any computer to have a lot of storage but so often in various situations you must need to have some additional storage. For this purpose portable USB hard drives and USB flash drives are well known storage drives which facilitate you to fulfill requirements of having some extra storage.

USB Hard Drives: Portable vs. Outlet

As USB Hard drive is an external device and it has different categories. It helps you to transfer your storages anyplace. Acquiring more storage these drivers needs to be connected with computer, now occasionally certain hard drives requests to be plugged in with an outlet first, while most of the other drives that do not require any plug-in they can be use directly by the USB which is known as “portable”. Benefits of both types of drives are immense, because these are very helpful in order to save you from fall during your work at home or office. If you have an outlet or portable USB you can easily protect your work from any sort of tumble.

Flash Drives: Software managers

Some of the flash drivers are introduced with software managers; you can benefit facilities of these drives anyplace as they have capability of generating their individual start menu. A good example of it is U3 Sandisk. If you purchase a flash drive along with its software manager then it does not need to download it every time and if you do not wish to keep it then you can uninstall or reformat it.

USB Hard Drives vs. Flash Drives: Storage and Pricing

It is fact that hard drives hold huge data as compare to flash drives. At the moment the space which an external USB hard drive occupies 256GB to 1TB (1000GB) of space (maximum communal is 512GB) while a usual flash drive contains 2GB to 64GB of space (most common is 16GB). Now price also fluctuates. Flash drives are not as much expensive as the external hard drives are.

According to HP v125 retail price list, flash drive of 16GB costs $40 ($2.5 per GB) while on My Passport Essential 500GB retail price, Portable External Hard Drive of 500GB costs $100 ($0.2 per GB).

USB Hard Drives vs. Flash Drives: Data Security and Compactness

Although the use of flash drives is much safe and protects from sudden falls, but these drives do not possess sufficient storage so their memory is not as stronger as the mechanical drives have. Because of being a moveable device it is necessary to be very careful in its external use. Never pull it directly from your computer as it causes loss of data. Using a proper method of “eject” will escape you from losing your important records. In case of flash drivers the chances of losing your data from direct pulling are less. Flash drive is usually best for those people who always work hastily and never wait for computer to eject drive. The size of flash drive is also small so people mostly hooked it with key rings and necklaces.

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