What is Meant by Cloud Computing?

By | December 5, 2011

Internet is not only the source of fast information but it is also a symbol of reliability, it offers wide range of uncountable facilities to its users, distribution of reliable and useful software are also extensively available on internet. As this is a fact that where there is a growth there is a competition and in this era of competency a word ‘cloud computing’ is rapidly getting famous in business sectors.

It is a common practice that people use to store different software in their hard drives. Using internet they share it and also make a copy for future use. “Using software as service but not as a product” is a general idea that is introduced by the cloud computing. Licensed software must be used and fee should be paid for hosting and apprises. Software’s status is online and through simple internet browser every individual user can get its central copy.

Cloud computer software is easily available in the market; it is almost present in every next industrial area. An example of it is many printers that use software called “Delano”. Through this tool user can get multiple facilities before publishing any document (such as proof reading, monitoring, uploading etc.)

It contains substantial benefits. It not only provides flexibility to office managers but also helps them in escaping from multiple boring takes, like every employee does not wastes times in getting sign in and it swiftly generates a connection for an internet access.

It is also very useful for those who have business in remote areas. This software helps them to handle any type of emergency and properly maintains personal data without any loss. It feels them like they are working on their own work station. Ultimately the cost of cloud computing is not cheap. If someone establishes an IT Office then definitely the person will be needed computers, equipments, disc drives, CD ROMs and etc.

Any system that has an excellent feature also contains some downside, cloud computing does not run successfully on every individual application, because if data is openly placed on internet then the chances of hacking increases. So in this sensitive and risky situation many high ranked companies hesitate to put their personal data on internet. They never trust on any special online portal.

Those companies which are situated in remote area needs services of third party and come across with many troubles during storing anything personal information in their database, so because of this security issue they try to keep distances with cloud computing.

Cloud computing is not good for those companies who have online business and dealings with online customers because they are always conscious about their time management so the slow process of cloud computing may interrupt their business and also produces transaction issues.

Although cloud computing is in its early years, it needs to be perfect in its security and must be very smart in speed, its flexibility can be an achievement for IT industry and also can be very beneficial for anyone’s effective performance.

This was a Guest Post by: Nayab – Technical Writer – Avast vs AVGAvast vs Panda