Why bother with internet marketing?

By | November 9, 2011

The question in the title is a good question. Really why should you bother with internet marketing? Even in these tough times some website owners are more than happy with their work flow and see a website as a must to have, not because they actually want to use it, but because it is almost unheard of not to have a website presence these days.

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However the fact is internet marketing, including search engine optimisation work isn’t just for those looking to generate business today, but to help develop leads tomorrow. Most businesses even with the most loyal of built up customer bases, will face a time when a contract ends, a customer moves on or a change in circumstances occurs.

Internet marketing today can mean tomorrow your ‘brand’ is strengthened and hopefully generating traffic naturally, especially if you’ve put a consistent SEO strategy in place. Sure you can put your hand in your pocket for some quick advertisement results, but even maximising that investment requires time, planning and testing.

Internet marketing can take on many forms and it is a wise internet marketing team that use a mixture of techniques to produce results. Internet marketing can be achieved by on-site activity as well as away from your website.



A simply, but effective means of telling the world about your business and related activities. However blog writing isn’t just about producing good copy, but making sure the keywords are researched, potentially effective and target the right visitors and this is called SEO (search engine optimisation).

Writing blog posts can also help improve internal page relevancy through clever linking. Plus with the help of images, video and meta data the blog can truly contribute to your website’s traffic.


Google AdWords

Advertising on Google’s AdWords service can bring in quick results, but only on a reasonable budget if the advertisement campaign is handled with care. A skilled marketing wizard can squeeze results even on modest advertisement budgets. More importantly it isn’t just about getting traffic for the cheapest price per click, but making sure the visitors are from your target market.


Social Networks

Everyone knows about Facebook and Twitter being time hogs, but a well managed Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social network campaign can help with link building, plus bring in traffic through visitor clicks. The services can even be automated to a certain extent, but regardless it takes experience and skill to truly make these services work for you, without devouring your time.


There is more!

This article only covers three areas of internet marketing, but there are actually many more forms and methods. So why not seek out experienced UK internet marketing support? Geonet Solutions have an experienced and highly skilled team, waiting to hear from you.

So to answer the question ‘Why bother with internet marketing?’, the answer is surely ‘Are you crazy enough not to?’.

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Note by Editor: This was a guest post.