Why is it good to have VPN on an Apple iPhone?

By | May 10, 2012

The iPhone was introduced to the world in 2008 and is now up to its 4th generation. Like other Apple portable systems, the iPhone is a multimedia device that combines graphical capabilities, sound features and Internet surfing ability into one easy to use system. The iPhone contains a video camera, a media playing device, an Internet client, texting, GPS system, voicemail and WI-FI and 3G connectivity. Thus far the company has sold over 100 million iPhones since its debut.

The question is, how secure is this portable device? Is it as secure as, say, an Apple Mac? While the device is relatively safe because of its strong OS and technology, this does not mean that using it is without any risk. If you use a public Internet connection (such as WI-FI or 3G) you could potentially send out sensitive data. This data might include financial information, friendship and lifestyle information, personal dates and calendar items, maps of where you have been, membership cards, products, bank accounts and even passwords.

Unfortunately, if you are using a WI-FI connection without VPN services you are leaving your system open to numerous threats. This information can be hacked or intercepted. True, you can use a pass code to protect your connection. Then again, there are ways to bypass the pass code lock.

The best way to protect yourself from outside threats is to secure the connection rather than scramble it. VPN service allows you to secure your network through encryption, and also to anonymize your IP address. This will not only keep you protected from spies, but it will also allow you to access banned sites. You can also download files and access any website in practically any part of the world, using a variety of servers from the VPN provider, strategically set up in multiple countries.

VPN service is the best way to secure the device. Without this protection, the iPhone is open to various threats because (A) the system enterprise still contains various bugs, and (B) there are many ways to bypass security features in place. While using a secure network does severely reduce the threat of cyber theft and hacking, a public WI-FI offers little to no protection. With VPN, you can use WI-FI securely by accessing the application remotely.

For more help with choosing a quality VPN provider and fast service, look up a VPN service that has servers set up in your country.

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