Willing to Commute? Check out the Possibilities

By | February 13, 2012

If you are one of the millions of people who struggle through the traffic or have to fight for elbow room on the train to get to work in London on a daily basis, it may be time for a rethink. The Thames Valley region is home to significant number of influential companies, and the journey to the office is likely to be far less stressful.

Located to the west of the UK’s capital, the area has become a major commercial centre in recent years, and has been attracting disaffected former London-bound commuters for some time. Several major organisations that have relocated there have been impressed by the affordability of Windsor is just one of the towns which is now able to offer a far less stressful commute to future employees.

Into the Valley of the Offices

For business leaders, a move to any town in the Thames Valley is likely to mean a substantial saving in the cost of office space, whether they have decided to buy or lease. An address in Central London will always carry with it a certain sense of prestige, of course, but keeping a healthy balance sheet is always likely to be a higher priority than simple kudos.

Needless to say, the same story is basically repeated all over the country. The price of rented office property in particular differs greatly from major cities to nearby towns. In Scotland, however, the cost of premises is still surprisingly affordable in the largest metropolis. Glasgow office space represents a very welcome bargain for the local business community, and many large organisations have been quick to establish bases there.

A blissfully easy commute

The city itself benefits from an excellent public transport network, which ensures commuting into Glasgow is a relatively simple process. As well as an impressive list of bus routes and a busy mainline railway station, there is also an underground system that allows people to get from A to B in as efficient a manner as possible.

Another important issue for company owners and directors to consider is transport access. There is nothing to be gained by relocating to a sumptuous new premises if suppliers, customers, clients and employees have trouble getting there. Thankfully, both Windsor and Glasgow are both close to motorways which ensure getting into and out of the current location isn’t a problem.

About the Guest Post Author: David is a writer from the UK that specialises in business. He has years of experience within the field of business, from working in a brewery to the office of 80+ people he currently works in now.