Wishful thinking?

By | August 28, 2008

I saw a facebook group for a pub the other day and this got me thinking…. I wish some of the businesses and organisations I know did the following:

  • That the Indian restaurant down the road had a twitter account. Then occasionally a twitter about whats hot (literally) and whats new with a promotion word that gets you a free starter etc that week, only mentioned on twitter.
  • That a Spanish bar I know had a detailed list of their cocktails on a web site with descriptions and personally recommendations by previous clients or the manager. Promoted their special evenings without you having to see the poster outside (useless now as I don’t live locally). It would make each trip more fun and enjoyable.
  • That the hovercraft company I use on occassion instead of the fastcat service had a desktop widget telling me the weather, risks to cancellation of service, known transport delays in the area, some useful relevant info, occasional promotion and allowed me to book within a few clicks a ticket and reserve a seat on a specific crossing.

The list could go on, what would you add to the list?