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By | February 21, 2011

Perhaps you have some insight you wish to share? Maybe you wish to get some writing experience? Possibly you wish to promote yourself or your business and have a link in a blog post on our website?

Whatever your motivation for writing a guest article we are looking for guest post submissions. Obviously they have to cover Small Business and Technology, but that gives you a large chunk of topics to write about.

Guest posts can help build your online writing portfolio.

Why not take a look around the blog and see what others have written about? Though don’t be afraid to write a unique guest post that isn’t covered.

We do have guest post guidelines which you can find here. Please read them careful as all too often posts are rejected for not complying. Especially those wishing to recycle articles or parts of articles they have posted elsewhere. We do check for duplicate content.

Guest posting is a great opportunity to tell the world about yourself!

Once in a while a post is selected to become a featured article and temporarily join a small selection on the top area of the home page. What are our criteria for choosing a featured article? It isn’t just about how popular an article has been, though it helps! If the article also is felt to offer high quality content to our readers then it might be chosen to become a featured article.

We will allow a link or two in your blog posts back to your own websites.

All accepted articles are ‘tweeted’ as well being placed in one existing category. The Small Business Tech blog has over 8600+ followers on twitter and receives a healthy dollop of website visitors. The blog is a couple of years old and continues to go from strength to strength.

We do not share any revenue, but that shouldn’t be the motivation for guest posting. We hope you take the time to submit a guest post.

Details and guidelines on how to submit a guest post.

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