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By | December 3, 2011

If you are looking for a guest post opportunity, then you should write a guest post for our small business technology website. We have clear guest post guidelines and an editor who responds quickly to emails. Our clear guest post guidelines, means you should be able to quickly submit a guest post to the blog. So with that in mind, let me (the blog’s editor) give you some insight into submissions I’ve loved and those less so.

I love it when people follow the guidelines and the guest article provides useful insight and tips regarding a topic. I love to learn something new from the guest submissions I read. If I enjoyed the guest article, then I know many readers will also.

You should submit a guest post to the blog!

I enjoy it when people feel brave to write about subjects that others might not find exciting, but actually need to be covered. Though I also enjoy guest articles on popular topics as well. As you might know, else will discover on the blog, we post a wide range of articles related to technology use in small businesses. The blog is a few years old now and it has already turned into a great resource.

So what don’t I like? I receive a high volume of emails, but most that don’t have a guest post attached probably didn’t need to be sent. I’m always happy to answer questions or discuss a topic for a post. That isn’t an issue, it is time wasting that annoys.

I always wonder why some people email me asking if I will accept a guest post from them, include a few links of their work elsewhere and look forward to hearing back from me. I’m not going to consider a guest post without reading a submitted post, regardless of the writers past history. The quality of the guest post submissions I receive is fairly high, so I guess I only turn away one or two a month currently.

Other times I receive an email which is obviously a cut and paste email, being sent to lots of blogs, asking if they can write a guest post for the blog. I wonder why I should write a personal reply, if the original sender couldn’t be bothered (though I do reply!).

Sometimes people will submit images, even though the guidelines clearly point out we don’t accept them. This is unfortunately because many people want to submit copyright images. It just became too much hassle and I rarely allow guest post images now. Other times people try and submit PLR articles, which again is not allowed. I always check for duplicate content.

Anyway let’s get back to what I like about the guest posts I receive! We have guest posts submitted from around the world, and from freelancers to large corporations. Plus the guest post doesn’t have to interest me, as long as I think it will interest some of our readers.

I’ve receive great guest posts each month, and the articles have helped expand my small business technology knowledge. I am very grateful for the guest articles that people send in. So how about it?

Why don’t you write a guest post for a small business technology blog.